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Telex ALP-600 Bidirectional Antenna
Telex ALP-600 Bidirectional Antenna

Telex ALP-600 Bidirectional Antenna

SoundPro Item: 45264
MPN: ALP-600
MSRP: $902.00
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The ALP-600 will receive any frequency from 520 MHz to 760 MHz. The "gain" of this antenna enables it to receive signals from a greater distance than a typical "whip" type antenna. Log periodic antennas are also directional and will have the best reception when pointed at the transmitter. This yields the benefit of less interference from unwanted signals coming from the back or side of the antenna.

Telex ALP-600 Features

  • Bidirectional (figure 8 pattern) log periodic antenna with 1.6dB gain
  • Broadband, 520–760MHz
  • Small profile
  • Provided with mounting hardware for multiple configurations
  • ALP-600 bidirectional antenna1
  • Coaxial cable (10 ft)1
  • Mast clamp kit with 2 brackets and wing nuts1
  • Mast clamp with single knob type clamp1
  • Gain1.6dBi
  • 1/2 Power Beam Width120°
  • Front to Back Ratio19.4dB
  • SWR1.5:1
  • Input Impedance50 Ω
  • Input ConnectorTNC
  • Dimensions12" x 17"
  • Weight12 oz

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