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Westone STAR Silicone Tips black
Westone STAR Silicone Tips

Westone STAR Silicone Tips

SoundPro Item: 76675
MSRP: $19.99

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All options come with 5 pairs of tips.

Westone Audio's ergonomic silicone replaceable silicone ear-tips are so comfortable that they can be worn for hours and hours – you may even forget you are wearing them. These ear-tips enhance the performance of in-ear earphones by ensuring superior noise isolation, and a superb fit.

Westone Audio’s proprietary silicone eartips are available in different sizes as marked by different colors. Finding a proper fit will enhance the performance of your in-ear earphones by ensuring superior noise isolation and a superb fit. Ear-tips fit a variety of popular in-ear monitors, which allows you to enjoy the best ear-tips on the market with your current IEMs.

Westone STAR Silicone Tips Features

  • Flexible in ear fit for greater comfort
  • Excellent sound retention and noise isolation
  • Compatible with many IEMs
  • STAR Silicone Tip Pairs5
  • Available Options
    • 11mm/Green
    • 12.6mm/Black
    • 14.9mm/Blue
    • 15.4mm/Red
    • 15.5mm/Orange
    • Combo Pack

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