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AKG D12 VR Large-Diaphragm Dynamic Kick Drum Microphone
AKG D12 VR Large-Diaphragm Dynamic Kick Drum Microphone

AKG D12 VR Large-Diaphragm Dynamic Kick Drum Microphone

SoundPro Item: 52001
MSRP: $755.09

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The AKG D12 VR is a reference large-diaphragm dynamic microphone built to stand up to demanding kick drum applications. Its cardioid polar pattern isolates the sound of the kick drum, ensuring other parts of the drum kit are not picked up. The D12 VR does not have phantom power, which allows it to deliver the true character of the sound source. Designed for kick drum recordings, it can also be used as a generic bass microphone for loud wind instruments and vocal use.

Designed specifically for kick drum recording, the D12 VR has a thin diaphragm that enhances the low-frequency performance. Warm sounds from the kick drum are realized thanks to discrete circuitry and the original C414 transformer, which is especially impressive at high signal levels.

Three active filter presets are featured in the D12 VR. These presets match the microphone’s sound shape with the kick drum character. Filter settings are easily accessed and controlled using a switch on the microphone’s body. When activated, the output level is automatically reduced by 10 dB.

Phantom power is not provided from the microphone; to operate these active filter presets phantom power has to be supplied from the connected mixing desk. The active filters operate based on analog circuitry combined with a transformer. The filter circuit handles frequency processing and then combines with the audio signal in the transformer. You’ll get excellent sound regardless of the connected device since impedance differences between the microphone and other gear are canceled out.

AKG D12 VR Features

  • Ultra-thin diaphragm for accurate reproduction of the instruments sound
  • Optimized bass chamber for enhanced low frequency performance
  • Patented switchable active-filter presets
  • Original C414 transformer delivers warm sound especially at high signal levels
  • Cardioid polar pattern rejects overspill from nearby instruments
  • D12 VR Large-Diaphragm Dynamic Kick Drum Microphone1
  • Microphone Bag1
  • Transducer TypeDynamic
  • Polar PatternCardioid
  • Frequency Response17 Hz - 17 kHz
  • Output Impedance200 ohms
  • Sensitivity1.2 mV/Pa
  • Max SPL164dB
  • Connector3-pin XLRm
  • Dimensions
    • Height: 125mm
    • Diameter: 66mm
    • Net Weight: 500g

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