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Ashly FA 125.4 4 x 125W at 4 O Compact Power Amplifier
Ashly FA 125.4 4x125W at 4 Ohms Compact Power Amplifier

Ashly FA 125.4 4x125W at 4 Ohms Compact Power Amplifier

SoundPro Item: 89684
MPN: FA 125.4
MSRP: $874.00
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The FA Series is designed for easy and flexible placement, going where other amps cannot: under conference tables, behind displays, inside kiosks - anywhere high-quality, reliable power is needed, but space is limited.

The 1/2 RU FA-125.2 & FA-125.4 offer 125W of efficient Class D power per channel (x 2 on the 125.2). With selectable Low Z or Hi Z operation, they’re capable of powering low-Z, full range speakers as well as 70V and 100V distributed speaker systems.

The FA-125.2 and FA-125.4 can share power between channel pairs up to a total of 250W total per pair. So a system may be designed with a180W load on one channel and 70W on the other. Or if a single channel only is driven, 250W can be output to drive a heavier load such as subwoofer.

Ashly FA 125.4 Features

  • 4 channels 125 W @ 4Ω
  • 70/100V capavility
  • Efficient Class D design
  • Adaptive fan cooling
  • Installer-friendly Euroblock connectors
  • 80 Hz HPF in Hi Z mode
  • Front panel Signal / Clip / Mute LEDs
  • Front panel Input Level controls and Power On/Off with lockout
  • USB port for firmware updates
  • Power-sharing
  • 5-Year Warranty
  • FA 125.4 x 125W at 4Ω compact power amplifier1

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