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AtlasIED DPA2402 2400W Networkable Multi-Channel Power Amplifier
AtlasIED DPA2402 2400W Networkable Multi-Channel Power Amplifier

AtlasIED DPA2402 2400W Networkable Multi-Channel Power Amplifier

SoundPro Item: 15209
MPN: DPA2402
MSRP: $2,352.99
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The AtlasIED DPA2402 features a combination of flexibility, performance and control to provide high value features for applications that require more than just great sound. The network based DPA2402 is a DSP controlled 4-channel amplifier that can be configured in three different amplification arrangements to meet the design requirements of any installation.

The unit is factory preconfigured in a two-channel 70V mode. If the design requires four channels of low impedance amplification, the amplifier can be configured as 4-channel model with either 4Ω or 8Ω load impedances. Many system designs require both low and high impedance amplification. This unit can be configured to deliver 70V/100V for a paging/background system on a single channel plus two additional 4Ω or 8Ω amplifier channels for a foreground stereo application.

The DPA2402 comes standard with four balanced line inputs and an accessory slot for an optional DPA-DAC4 4-channel Dante™ receiver card or a DPA-AMIX (2) mic / line, (2) AUX input card, giving the DPA2402 a total of eight (8) inputs. All inputs can be mixed and routed to any of the four amplifier channels. All four amplifier channels have an assortment of DSP tools including level controls, EQ’s, limiters, high & low pass filters, and delay to provide flexibility for a range of applications.

The output level can be assigned to either the front panel potentiometers or to the onboard GUI. Wired remote level control can be configured to allow simple control for the end user. Each unit also features GUI based input and output level metering along with assignable mute functions that are triggered via an audio signal or contact closure. Access to the DSP settings is accomplished via computer, tablet or mobile device using a web browser. All settings can be password protected.

The unit also includes a PC based site manager software that automatically searches within a specific network for all DPA amplifiers on the network. It will list them and allow a single click access to any unit. The DPA Site Manager software can do a variety of functions besides locating IP addresses such as; fault reporting, input & output status, standby status and remote activation via a scheduler timer.

The flexibility of the DPA Series amplifiers and comprehensive assortment of local or network control configurations make them an ideal choice in today’s sophisticated commercial audio market.

AtlasIED DPA2402 Features

  • Configurable for use as a 2-channel 70.7V amplifier, 4-channel 4Ω amplifier, single channel 70.7V amplifier, and 2-channel 4Ω amplifier
  • Networkable with on board GUI
  • Configurable DSP via GUI
  • Site manager software with network auto-discovery fault reporting, input and output status, standby status and remote activation via a scheduler timer
  • User page with assignable input and output level control
  • Mute assignments triggered via audio signal or contact closure
  • Audio sense turn on/off
  • Four balanced inputs
  • Optional accessory card slot for 4-channel Dante™ receiver card or (2) mic/line, (2) aux input card
  • PC, iOS and Android compatible
  • DPA2402 2400W networkable multi-channel power amplifier1
  • Power Output
    • 2 x 1200-Watts @ 70.7V
    • 2 x 1200-Watts @ 100V
    • 4 x 500-Watts @ 4Ω
    • 4 x 300-Watts @ 8Ω
    • 1 x 1200-Watts @ 70.7V, 2 x 600-Watts @ 4Ω
    • 1 x 1200-Watts @ 100V, 2 x 600-Watts @ 4Ω
  • Amplifier TopologyClass AB Switching Hybrid -BASH
  • Input Sensitivity750mV Balanced, 0dBU
  • Input Impedancebalanced 40kΩ
  • Max. Input Signal+14dBU Inputs 1-4, +7dBU Inputs 5-8 with Dante™
  • THD1% @ Rated Output
  • Frequency Response-3dB 20Hz - 20kHz (DSP Filters Set to Flat)
  • Crosstalk73dB @ 1kHz
  • Voltage110V - 120V & 220V - 240V Auto Switch Over, 50/60Hz
  • Idle Current26W
  • Signal to Noise Ratio-100dB Below Rated output (A-Weighted)
  • Voltage Compatibilityuniversal
  • Rack Units2
  • Dimensions (HxWxD)3.47" x 19" x 14.5"
  • Weight20.8 pounds

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