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Countryman Type 85S Direct Box
Countryman Type 85S Direct Box

Countryman Type 85S Direct Box

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The Type 85S is a two-channel version of the classic Type 85 FET direct box. With several input connector options, a huge dynamic range, and three pad settings, the Type 85S is an excellent choice for a wide variety of stereo or two-channel applications.

Each channel of the Type 85S uses only hand-selected high-quality discrete components woven into a single-ended Class A circuit, much like a classic tube microphone preamp. The Type 85S has an incredibly smooth, sweet sound. Unlike many active DI boxes, the Type 85S can always isolate ground, even when running on phantom power, to help eliminate hum and buzz from ground problems.

The Type 85S simply works. Most mixing consoles provide 48 V phantom power, and the Type 85S will automatically use it. If you don’t have phantom power, or if your phantom power is very low, the Type 85S will run for about 130 hours from a single internal 9 V battery. We designed the Type 85S so that you only need to provide phantom to Channel A to power the unit. The Type 85 doesn’t have roll off switches or effects. Adjusting the frequency content of a sound source is an artistic decision best done at the mixing location where you can hear the results and easily make changes.

Use the rock-solid transformer isolation of the Type 85S to eliminate hum, buzz, and RF interference from your long XLR runs.

Connectors and switches are recessed into a single-piece extruded case with extra thick walls. You can literally drive a truck over the Type 85S without hurting it. Internal electronics are molded in epoxy and fully protected against electrical damage. The input can withstand 220 VAC and static spikes up to 20,000V.

Countryman Type 85S Features

  • Two-channel version of the classic Type 85 FET direct box
  • Several input connector options
  • Huge dynamic range
  • Three pad settings
  • Great for stereo or two-channel applications
  • Type 85S Direct Box1
  • Frequency Response20 Hz to 20 kHz (+/- 1 dB)
  • Noise (Shorted Input, BW=22 Hz TO 20 kHz)0.63 uVrms (-122 dBVrms)
  • Distortion (1 Vpp in)
    • THD (1 kHz): < 0.018%
    • IMD (10 kHz/60 Hz, 4:1): < 0.08%
  • Cross-Talk Rejection>105 dB (20 Hz to 20 kHz)
  • Power Options
    • 48V Phantom (1.6 mA)
    • 9V Battery
  • Input Protection220 Vrms and 20,000 V static discharges
  • Transformer Isolation Voltage>500 V from instrument ground to XLR output pin 1
  • Gain Options
    • 0 dB pad: -10 dB
    • -15 dB pad: -25 dB
    • -30 dB pad: -40 dB
  • RF Filtering
    • Input: 250 kHz low-pass filter
    • Output: 30 kHz low-pass filter
  • Maximum Input Level (1% THD)
    • 0 dB pad: 5 Vpp
    • -15 dB pad: 28 Vpp
    • -30 dB pad: 158 Vpp
    • (Equal to 800 Watts into 4 Ohms)
  • Input Resistance
    • 0 dB pad: 10 MOhm
    • -15, -30 dB pad: 10 kOhm
    • RCA and 1/8" inputs: 20 kOhms
  • Input Capacitance160 pF (equal to 2 m of low-capacitance guitar cable)
  • Output PolarityPin 2 positive (Note: the one-channel Type 85 is Pin 3 positive)
  • Dimensions6.25x4x2" (152x77x45 mm)
  • Weight31.2 oz (0.88 kg)

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