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Palmer PDI 03 JB Joe Bonamassa Guitar Speaker Simulator DI Box
Palmer PDI 03 JB Joe Bonamassa Guitar Speaker Simulator DI Box

Palmer PDI 03 JB Joe Bonamassa Guitar Speaker Simulator DI Box

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The PDI 03 JB Speaker Simulator is a professional passive DI box for guitar amps. Providing a frequency compensated, transformer balanced direct feed to mixing consoles or soundcards it connects between the amplifier output and loudspeaker or equivalent dummy load. The PDI 03 JB has been developed for live, studio and home recording applications to eliminate the need for time consuming mic placement and mic-related problems.

Designed to Joe Bonamassa's high standards for a huge but tightly focused tone the exclusive JB switch brings the output signal to the fore and takes it "right in your face." The PDI 03 JB's dual speaker simulation filters are carefully voiced to authentically replicate the frequency response of classic and contemporary loudspeakers and cabinets. The unit's input sensitivity is adjustable for amps up to 200 watts or line and instrument level equipment.

Delivering consistent guitar tone from show to show the PDI-03 JB can also be used to add realistic speaker flavors to preamps and dirt boxes in direct recording applications. The rugged powder coated steel enclosure features high quality Amphenol connectors and a ground lift to remove hum resulting from earth loops. For amp DI WITHOUT speakers a dummy load with matching impedance must be connected. We recommend the Palmer Power Attenuator PDI06 and the Palmer Dual Load Box PLB2X8.

Palmer PDI 03 JB Features

  • Passive guitar amp DI box with speaker simulation
  • For live and direct recording applications
  • Consistent guitar tone in any venue or studio
  • Exclusive JB switch for a huge, maxed-out tone
  • Dual analog filters for variable frequency compensation
  • Authentic guitar loudspeaker and cabinet sounds
  • Ground lift to remove earth loop hum
  • Eliminates miking and mic-related issues
  • Connects between amps up to 200 watts and speaker or dummy load
  • Also works with preamps and dirt boxes
  • PDI 03 JB Joe Bonamassa Guitar Speaker Simulator DI Box1
  • Product type Speaker Simulators
  • Channels 1
  • Input type unbalanced
  • Inputs 1
  • Input connectors 6.3 mm jack
  • Output type balanced, unbalanced
  • Outputs 2
  • Output connectors 6.3 mm jack, XLR
  • Output impedance 600 Ohm(s)
  • Controls attenuator, JB Switch, Voicing (Deep-Normal-Flat, Bright-Normal-Mellow)
  • Dummy load no
  • Max. load Dependent on load, max. 200W
  • Voicing filter Yes
  • Power attenuator no
  • Transformer isolated outputs Yes
  • Cabinet material sheet steel
  • Cabinet surface Powder coated
  • Width 140 mm
  • Depth 95 mm
  • Height 50 mm
  • Weight 0.53 kg

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