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dBTechnologies VIO W15T Powered Stage Monitor
dBTechnologies VIO W15T Powered Stage Monitor

dBTechnologies VIO W15T Powered Stage Monitor

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The VIO W15T takes advantage of a coaxial design and is equipped with a neodymium coaxial component with a 15" woofer and a 3" driver. The design of the horn allows a very precise dispersion pattern (60° horizontal and 80° vertical) which can be easily reversed by rotating the horn, adapting the wedge to the application needed. VIO W15T is a self powered box equipped with top notch class-D Digipro G4 amplifier delivering 1600W RMS. This is the same amp module used in our premium sound reinforcement systems. VIO W15T is able to deliver up to 137 dB SPL while offering a great feedback rejection. Moreover, the sound processing takes advantage of FIR filters in order to reproduce a very flat frequency and phase response resulting in the most faithful audio performance.

The PFC power factor corrector allows for the utmost reliability at any input voltage. A 380v resistant power supply makes the wedge shock resistant. And a real time impedance control allows for a real time check of transducers' health. Aurora Net software continuously runs this test, but you can check the wedge at any time, simply by pressing this button on board.

The same software also allows for DSP management such as delay, eq and levels. A hi-brightness LED bulb on the front of the enclosure, contributes to help the user to recognize, identify and match each cabinet with its software alias. As a default, the preamplifier is equipped with a RDNet card, and it is ready for upgrade to Dante card.

The preamp module is flush mounted in the side panel, so that no connector are visible. And this will definitely looks nice on a stage also thanks to the clever surrounding design of the metal grille. Furthermore, this allows for sidestacking of two wedges with no gap.

When used vertically, e.g. for drumfill applications. the preamp is completely protected from the rain.

A great versatility is granted by the addition of a multifunctional bracket, enabling the wedge for pole mounting and other kind of fixed applications.

dBTechnologies VIO W15T Features

  • Active 2-way coaxial stage monitor
  • 1600W RMS Class-D amplifier
  • Rotatable horn
  • Full range SMPS with PFC
  • Advanced DSP featuring linear phase FIR filters
  • Modular slot for network and digital audio expansion cards (RDNet card installed)
  • NFC™ + front LED indication system
  • System test for quick transducers diagnostics
  • Exclusive front-rear grille design
  • VIO W15T powered stage monitor1
  • Power cable1
  • Fuse (for operation in 100-120V)1
  • Speaker Type2-way active coaxial stage monitor
  • Acoustical Data
    • Usable Bandwidth (-10dB): 49 - 17,500 Hz
    • Frequency Response (-6dB): 55 - 16,000 Hz
    • Max. SPL: 137.5 dB
    • HF: 1x 1.3" - 3" v.c. Neodymium
    • LF: 1x 15" - 3" v.c. Neodymium
    • Directivity (HxV): 80° x 60° (rotatable)
  • Amplifier
    • Amplifier: 1600 W RMS Class D Digipro® G4
    • Cooling: convection + internal fan
    • Power Supply: full-range SMPS with PFC (100V~-240V~, 50-60Hz)
  • Processor
    • Controller: DSP 32 bit
    • Converter AD/DA: 24 bit / 96 kHz
    • Limiter: Dual Active Peak, RMS, Thermal
    • Processing (filters): Linear Phase FIR filters
  • Input
    • Signal Input: 1x XLR female, 1 x USB (Data Service)
    • Signal Output: 1xXLR male
    • Expansion Card
      • RDNet Card (1x RJ45 IN 1x RJ45 Link)
      • Dante Card [Optional]
    • Power Socket
      • 1x PowerCON TRUE1 In
      • 1xPowerCON TRUE1 Out
    • Controls
      • 1x switch Flat - service/user
      • 1x switch System test
      • 1x led ON
      • 1x led STATUS
      • 1x led SIGNAL
      • 1x led LIMITER
      • 1x LED TEST
      • 1x frontal ID led
    • Special Features
      • Frontal LED Identification System
      • 380V Resistant SMPS
      • Opto-isolated floating pre-amp
      • System Test (transducers diagnostics)
  • Mechanics
    • Housing: wooden cabinet, polyurea painting
    • Handles: 1 + 2 recessions per side
    • Dimensions (WxHxD): 25.59" x 14.17" x 19.29"
    • Weight: 63.9 pounds

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