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Io Audio Technologies Cat 6 Etherlatch Cable
Io Audio Technologies Cat 6 Etherlatch Cable

Io Audio Technologies Cat 6 Etherlatch Cable

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MSRP: $67.80

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This is a twisted pair category cable with 4 pairs of solid conductors offering dependability and providing an stable connection and low skew delay up to 300ft. They are designed to comply with AVoIP protocols.

Cat 6 ethernet cable is suitable for solid digital audio connections such as Dante, AES50, and MADI, lighting protocols like DMX512 and ARTNET, or video connections such as HDBaseT, and HDMI over ethernet up to 300ft. DMX512 and ARTNET.

The IO-EC-X connectors feature a rugged metal shell housing a standard RJ45 plug to protect it from being shattered by massive objects. The locking mechanism makes each connection as robust as possible and prevents accidental disconnection. The plastic strain relief extends the life of the network cable, while the braided magnesium alloy shield helps prevent crosstalk between cables.

Etherlatch™cables are a perfect alternative for AVL networking applications where a more robust connection method is necessary. Running audio over Ethernet, networking digital audio, or lighting control will require Etherlatch™style cables. This Cat 6 Etherlatch™cable is perfect for applications where strain relief may be required.

Io Audio Technologies Cat 6 Etherlatch™ Features

  • Very high quality twisted pairs
  • Shielded to prevent crosstalk between cables
  • Durable, locking Etherlatch™ connectors
  • Solid conductors
  • Durable PVC jacket
  • Not compatible with network switches
  • Cat 6 Etherlatch™ cable1
  • Conductors
    • Number: 8 (4 shielded pairs)
    • Details: 1/0.57mm Solid Bare Copper
    • Size: 23 AWG
  • Electrical and Mechanical Characteristics
    • Conductor DC Resistance: < 75 Ω/km
    • Shield DC Resistance: < 100 Ω/km
    • Capacitance Between Conductors: 12.3 pF/ft
    • Capacitance Between Conductors/Shield: 23.8 pF/ft
    • Skew Delay: < 6nS@100m
    • Impedance: 100Ω
    • Voltage Breakdown: 500 V
    • Flex Life: ≥ 13,000
    • Applicable Temperature: -4°F ~ +140°F (-20°C ~ +60° C)
    • Peak Temperature: -40°F ~ +158°F (-40°C ~ +70° C)
  • Insulation
    • Material: FPE
    • Colors
      • White/Orange
      • Orange
      • White/Green
      • Blue
      • White/Blue
      • Green
      • White/Brown
      • Brown
  • Shield
    • Details: Braided Magnesium Alloy & Aluminum Foil
    • Construction: 16*4/0.10 (Shield continuity is present between both ends of the cable.)
  • Jacket
    • O.D.: 8.0 mm
    • Material: PVC
    • Color: blue
  • Drain Wire
    • Details: 1/.40 TC

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