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Radial Space Heater Analog Summing Mixer
Radial Space Heater Analog Summing Mixer

Radial Space Heater Analog Summing Mixer

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SoundPro Item: 10162
MSRP: $2,640.00
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The Space Heater is an 8-channel tube overdrive that can be used as an analog summing mixer or as a multi-channel studio effects device, utilizing the tube circuitry for a range of effects from subtle warmth and grit to full harmonic distortion.

The Space Heater is a high performance summing mixer that allows you to blend tracks out-of-the-box in the analog domain, with oversized output transformers and vacuum tubes for vintage warmth and character. Eight mono input channels or four stereo pairs are available, with a heat switch on each pair to adjust the voltage on the 12AX7 tube - lower voltage settings starve the tube for a more pronounced distortion effect. Separate Drive and Level controls on each channel give you complete control over each tube circuit, providing a range of tones that allow you to fatten up digital stems or provide a distorted effect on vocals, guitars or drums.

Radial Space Heater Analog Summing Mixer Features

  • 8-channel 12AX7 tube overdrive with summing mixer
  • 35, 70, and 140 volt Heat switch
  • Channel outputs allow for use on single tracks
  • Transformer coupled outputs for vintage tone

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