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Soundcraft Si Performer 2 Digital Mixing Console front
Soundcraft Si Performer 2 Live Sound Digital Mixer

Soundcraft Si Performer 2 Live Sound Digital Mixer

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MSRP: $7,977.00
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The Si Performer 2 from Soundcraft is a digital mixer that combines audio mixing with lighting controls for a simple solution for performance or presentation applications.

More about Soundcraft’s Si Performer Digital Mixers

Bring unparalleled power and performance to small-format live sound mixing with Soundcraft’s Si Performer. This series of digital mixers delivers the equivalent of 448 RU of DSP—including 4-band fully parametric EQ, full dynamics processing, a comprehensive range of output options, totally flexible routing, and flexible integration options. Whether you’re crafting a new system from scratch or looking to upgrade and existing setup, Si Performer mixers are an ideal component to help your audio shine.

Multitasking that goes beyond “just” audio. Si Performer incorporates a DMX 512 controller so you can mix your sound and adjust your lighting rig—all from the same piece of gear. Use the built-in FaderGlow™ motorized faders to automate your lighting. This two-in-one solution is ideal for applications that require optimal flexibility, such as educational facilities, houses of worship, theatrical companies, and conference productions.

All Si Expression consoles have busses, output processing, and connectivity. The 14 aux/group mixes can be configured as 14 mono mixes, 8 mono plus 6 stereo mixes, or almost anything in between. The 4 matrix mixes can be mono or stereo as needed. Four more mix busses are dedicated to the Lexicon FX processors to provide a variety of sounds, adjustable parameters, and dedicated tap-tempo keys. Each bus mix features a compressor, 4 band fully parametric EQ, graphic EQ, and delay.

Effects are hardware-based, ensuring that even the most demanding FX programs won’t interfere with other functions of the mixer, such as settings for dynamics, PEQs, filters, delays, and all bands of all 31 graphic EQs. Control is streamlined via the control surface’s comprehensive, yet intuitive layout with dedicated controls for every parameter, a row of global mode encoders, and an easy-to-use color touchscreen.

Each model’s connectivity includes 16 mic inputs, 16 analog line outputs, 8 analog line inputs, a headphone monitor out, an AES I/O, a 64x64 option slot, and a 64x32 expansion slot for using Si option cards such as the CAT5 or optical MADI. The MADI card interfaces to multi-track recording systems or plug-in systems like Waves, as well as enables linking to any of the Soundcraft or Studer stageboxes to extend the I/O power and flexibility. (All external components are sold separately.)

Soundcraft Si Performer 2 Features

  • 24 mono mic inputs
  • 8 line inputs
  • 80 channels to mix
  • 2 ViSi Connect™ option card slots for 128 x 96 input/output paths
  • Pre/Post selection per input per bus
  • Freely assignable faders and patching
  • Soundcraft FaderGlow™
  • Colour backlit LCD screens per fader
  • GEQ on every bus
  • 20 sub-group / aux busses
  • 4 FX busses
  • 8 Matrix busses
  • LRC Mix busses
  • LCR panning
  • 4 Stereo Lexicon Effects engines
  • Delay on inputs and outputs
  • 8 Mute Groups
  • 8 VCA Groups
  • AES in and out
  • DMX interface and control - control sound and light simultaneously
  • Freely assignable insert loops
  • Harman HiQnet integration
  • Colour touch screen interface
  • Si Performer 2 digital mixing console1
  • Frequency Response (mic/line in to any output)+/-1.5dB, 20Hz - 20kHz
  • THD (mic sensitivity -30dBu)<0.01% @ 1kHz
  • Noise
    • Residual Noise -86dBu
    • Mic Input EIN 22Hz-22kHz, unweighted max. gain -126dBu (150Ω source)
    • Mix Noise, Masters at Unity <-86dBu
    • 1 Input to Mix at Unity Gain -84dBu
    • CMRR mic @ 1kHz (max gain) -80dBu
  • Crosstalk (@1kHz)
    • Channel On Attenuation <120dB
    • Channel Fader Attenuation <120dB
    • Mic-Mic -100dB @ 1kHz, -85dB @10kHz
    • Line-Line -100dB @1kHz, -85dB @10kHz
  • Input Gain
    • Mic Gain -5dB to 58dB integrated pad design, 1 dB steps
    • Line Trim -10dB to 16dB
  • Gate
    • Threshold -60dBFs - -6dBfs
    • Depth -60dB - -3dB
    • Attack 0.1ms - 200ms
    • Release 20ms -500ms
    • Side-chain HPF 22Hz - 2.5kHz
    • Side-chain LPF 160Hz - 20kHz
  • Compressor
    • Threshold -52dBfs - -6dBfs
    • Ratio 1:1 - 20:1
    • Attack 0.1ms - 200ms
    • Release 5ms - 900ms
    • Makeup Gain 0dB - 24dB
  • EQ
    • All Bands 22Hz - 20kHz, +/-15dB Q 6-0.3
    • Shelf (HF) 800Hz - 20kHz, +/-15dB
    • Shelf (LF) 20Hz - 500Hz, +/-15dB
    • HPF 40Hz - 1kHz
  • Delayuser adjustable delay 1sample - 500ms
  • GEQ31Hz - 16kHz 1/3 octave
  • Digital I/O
    • AES Sample Rate Converter Range 8kHz - 200kHz
    • External Word Clock In range 48kHz +/-7Hz (internal systems), +/-3Hz with stageboxes
    • Word clock out jitter +/-7ns
    • Analogue out for 0dBfs +21.5dBu
    • Converter resolution 24-bit
    • DSP resolution 40-bit floating point
  • Latency
    • Mic In to Line Out <0.8ms
    • Analogue In to AES Out <0.6ms
    • AES in to Line Out <0.8ms
    • AES in to AES Out <0.5ms
    • Stagebox Mic In to Stagebox <0.9ms
  • Input & Output Levels
    • Mic Input +22dBu max
    • Line Input +22dBu max
    • Mix Output +21.5dBu max
    • Headphones (@150Ω) 300mW (recommended impedance 75 to 200Ω)
  • Input & Output Impedances
    • Mic Input 3kΩ
    • Line Input 10kΩ
    • AES Input 110Ω
    • Outputs 150Ω (balanced), 75Ω (unbalanced)
    • Word Clock used as Output 50Ω
    • Word Clock used as Input 4K7Ω
    • DMX 120Ω
  • USBmax. current 200mA
  • Power
    • Lamp Output12V DC 100mA max (per socket)
    • Consumption (typical) <130W
    • AC Input Voltage Range 88-264VAC auto sensing
    • AC Frequency Range 47-63Hz

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