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Mackie DRM215 1600W 15-Inch Powered Speaker
Mackie DRM215 1600W 15-Inch Powered Speaker

Mackie DRM215 1600W 15-Inch Powered Speaker

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Raise the bar for sound quality with Mackie's DRM215 1600W powered speaker. Has massive power, Advanced Impulse DSP and the accessible DRM Control Dashboard.

DRM series professional powered loudspeakers represent decades of innovation in acoustic, DSP, and amplifier design. Combining extensive tuning, premium components, and cutting-edge DSP – DRM series loudspeakers deliver the power, clarity, and ease of use you’ve been dreaming of in a system that won’t cost a fortune. The DRM series is perfect for mobile DJs, bands, clubs, houses of worship, production/install, and more.

Mackie’s filtering technology is not your typical speaker processing. The goal of Advanced Impulse™ DSP is to remove all the anomalies that loudspeakers and horns contribute to a signal, from “honkiness” or “squelch” to "mushy" low end, effectively making the drivers "invisible" and output nothing but perfect, clean sound. By more intelligently (and more thoroughly) employing the benefits of FIR filtering, Advanced Impulse DSP eliminates undesired acoustic anomalies across the entire dispersion zone (horizontal and vertical), as well as frequency range and time domain.

The DRM Control Dashboard™ starts with a big, bright, full-color display that is easy to read and offers unmatched visual feedback on levels, adjustments, and more. The default window keeps you informed on every critical setting at a glance. Big green level meters let you know clearly when you have signal and if it is clipping. One knob controls everything: spin to select what you want, push in, set it how you like it, done.

Mackie DRM215 Features

  • High-efficiency Class-D amplifiers
  • Up to 1600 watts peak power offers ample headroom for professional applications
  • Universal power supply (100-240VAC) with Power Factor Correction technology ensures consistent performance even with unstable AC power
  • Next-gen protection circuitry keeps transducers safe and ensures peak performance in all applications
  • Advanced Impulse™ DSP module
  • Precision crossovers and transducer time-alignment deliver reference quality sound consistent throughout the frequency range
  • Cutting-edge FIR Filtering drastically reduces inherent anomalies, phase issues, and muddy midrange resulting in crystal clear sound
  • DRM Control Dashboard™ features a high-contrast full color display for easy single-knob access to configuration, processing and more
  • Dashboard displays current EQ and voicing mode, high-resolution metering and more
  • Dual independent inputs that support mic, line, and instrument signals plus a dedicated 1/8" stereo aux input
  • Road-worthy plywood construction and internal bracing offers optimal acoustic performance with a touring-grade textured coating and powder-coated heavy gauge steel grille
  • Titanium diaphragm compression drivers are perfectly matched to the amplifier for maximum transparency and clarity
  • Custom high-excursion woofers offer minimal distortion with increased bass response and reliability to withstand demanding live sound applications
  • DRM215 1600W 15" powered speaker1
  • Frequency Range
    • -10 dB: 43Hz - 20,000Hz
    • -3 dB: 47Hz - 20,000Hz
  • Coverage Angle (HxV)90° x 60°
  • Max. SPL Peak135 dB
  • Monitor Angle50°
  • Transducers
    • Low Frequency: 15" with ferrite
    • High Frequency: 1.4" titanium dome compression driver
  • Power Amplifiers
    • System Power Amplification Rated Power: 1600 watts peak
    • Low Frequency Power Amplifier
      • Rated Power: 1220 watts peak
      • Rated THD: <1%
      • Design: Class D
    • High Frequency Power Amplifier
      • Rated Power: 380 watts peak
      • Rated THD: <1%
      • Design: Class D
  • System Processing
    • Voicing: 4 speaker modes
    • Subwoofer HPF: off, DMR18S, Var
    • Main Output EQ: 3-band
    • Delay: 0-100 ms
  • Equalization
    • Low: ±12 dB @ 20Hz - 200Hz
    • Mid: ±12 dB @ 200Hz - 2,000Hz
    • High: ±12 dB @ 2,000Hz - 20,000Hz
    • HPF: 40Hz - 160Hz (Var)
  • Input / Output
    • Input Type
      • 2x Female XLR Balanced
      • 1/4" Balanced
      • 1/8" Stereo
    • Mic-Line Impedance: 8 kΩ balanced
    • 1/4" TS, Wide-Z™ Impedance: 1 MΩ unbalanced
    • Direct Out and Mix Out: male XLR balanced
    • Mix Out Impedance: 600 Ω balanced
    • Main Control: rotating knob
  • Electronic Crossover
    • Crossover Type: 24 dB/octave
    • Crossover Frequency: 1.5kHz
  • Line Input Power
    • Detachable Line Cord
      • ~100 - 240 VAC, 50-60Hz, 110W
      • ~220 - 240 VAC, 50-60Hz, 110W
    • AC Connector: 3-pin IEC 250 VAC, 10 A male
    • Power Supply Type: switchmode
  • Construction Features
    • Basic Design: asymmetrical
    • Enclosure Material: plywood
    • Enclosure Finish: black polyurea
    • Grille Material: 16-18 gauge perforated steel
    • Grille Finish: powder-coated black
    • Handles: 1 on each side, 1 on top
    • Display LEDs: power on (front), speaker control (rear)
    • Operating Temperature: 32°F to 104°F (0°C to 40°C)
    • Dimensions (HxWxD): 28.3" x 18.1" x 17"
    • Weight: 57 pounds

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