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Meyer Sound MM-10 Miniature Subwoofer
Meyer Sound MM-10 Miniature Subwoofer

Meyer Sound MM-10 Miniature Subwoofer

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The MM-10 subwoofer is ideal for background music, portable AV systems, or compact voice reinforcement systems.

The Meyer Sound MM-10 Miniature Subwoofer is available in different models: the MM-10XP, with IntelligentDC technology, is powered by an external power supply; the MM-10AC includes an internal power supply and connectors to AC input and output; and the MM-10ACX includes onboard DC power and audio routing for driving other loudspeakers. A single MM-10ACX can power one UP-4XP UltraCompact Loudspeaker or a pair of MM‑4XP Miniature Self-Powered Loudspeakers.

Delivering expanded low frequency for applications that require excellent audio quality from a compact system, the MM-10 subwoofer allows system designers to create full-range systems where space limitations are a concern, and are adaptable to complement MM‑4XP and UP-4XP loudspeakers.

Subwoofer is self-powered, offering several advantages over passive conterparts, with unparalleld clarity, tight transients, smoother setup and more. Internal amplification is closely matched to drivers. Sophisticated processing calibrates subwoofer to exhibit optimal response curves in key performance parameters. Active crossovers are more precise, sophisticated designs, and bi-amped systems are time aligned, eliminating phase issues.

Meyer Sound MM-10 Features

  • Delivers expanded low frequency
  • Compact system to create full-range system in limited space
  • Pairs with MM-4XP and UP-4XP loudspeakers
  • Ideal for background music, portable AV systems, compact voice reinforcement systems
  • MM-10 miniature subwoofer1

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