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Meyer MPS-488HP Speaker Power Supply
[DISCONTINUED] Meyer Sound MPS-488HP Speaker Power Supply

[DISCONTINUED] Meyer Sound MPS-488HP Speaker Power Supply

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The MPS‑488HP IntelligentDC power supply delivers power and balanced audio to up to eight Meyer Sound loudspeakers that require an external DC power supply. Housed in a 1RU, standard 19-inch rack mount enclosure, the MPS‑488HP can be used with a number of products that feature IntelligentDC technology, such as the MM‑4XP miniature loudspeaker, the MM‑10XP miniature subwoofer, or the HMS‑10 surround loudspeaker.

Meyer Sound's externally powered loudspeakers are equipped with onboard amplification and signal-processing circuits that store DC power and tolerate voltage drops (up to 30 percent), thereby accommodating light-gauge cables and lengthy cable runs. Powering loudspeakers from an external source eliminates the need for wiring conduits while still preserving the advantages of self-powered systems.

Meyer MPS-488HP Features

  • Power multiple Meyer Sound loudspeakers that require a 48 V DC external power supply
  • Route DC power and balanced audio to loudspeakers with single, composite cables
  • Channel outputs available as either Phoenix 5-pin male or EN3 5-pin female
  • Front panel LEDs provide system feedback on voltage and load current levels
  • Remote monitoring of output voltage and load current parameters with RMS (a factory-installed option)
  • MPS-488HP Speaker Power Supply1
  • Front Panel
    • LEDs per channel
      • Eight blue LEDs to indicate presence of output voltage
      • Eight green LEDs to indicate load current
  • Rear Panel
    • Audio Input
      • Eight XLR 3-pin female connectors
      • Seven Link Switches
    • Channel Output
      • On MPS-488HPp model, eight Phoenix 5-pin male connectors
      • On MPS-488HPe model, eight EN3 5-pin female connectors
    • Output Wiring
      • Two pins for DC power, three pins for balanced audio
      • Pin 1: 48 V DC - (chassis/earth ground)
      • Pin 2: 48 V DC +
      • Pin 3: Audio shield/chassis/earth ground
      • Pin 4: Signal Pin 5: Signal +
      • Output Voltage1 48 V DC per channel (with intelligent circuit protection against surges and shorts)
  • AC Power
    • AC Connector: powerCON 20
    • Voltage Selection: Automatic
    • Safety Rated Voltage Range: 100–240 V AC; 50–60 Hz; 830 W maximum
  • Current Draw [2]
    • Idle Current: 1.23 A rms (120 V AC); 0.74 A rms (230 V AC); 1.53 A rms (100 V AC)
    • Maximum Long-Term Continuous Current (> 10 sec): 8.39 A rms (120 V AC); 4.44 A rms (230 V AC); 10.37 A rms (100 V AC)
    • Burst Current (< 1 sec) 11.98 A rms (120 V AC); 6.87 A rms (230 V AC); 12.19 A rms (100 V AC)
    • Maximum Instantaneous Peak Current 14.84 A peak (120 V AC); 10.59 A peak (230 V AC); 15.71 A peak (100 V AC)
    • Inrush Current 20.0 A peak (120 V AC); 20.0 A peak (230 V AC); 20.0 A peak (100 V AC)
  • RMS Network (Optional)[3]Two-conductor, twisted-pair network that reports the voltage and current readings for each output channel.
  • Physical
    • Dimensions: 1RU in height; W: 19.00 in (483 mm) x H: 1.73 in (44 mm) x D: 14.33 in (364 mm)
    • Weight: 15.5 lb (7 kg)
  • Environmental
    • Operating Temperature: 0 °C to +45 °C
    • Non-operating Temperature: -40 °C to +75 °C
    • Humidity: To 95% at 35 °C
    • Operating: Altitude To 5,000 m (16,400 ft)
    • Non-operating: Altitude To 6,300 m (20,670 ft)
    • Shock: 30 g 11 msec half-sine on each of 6 sides
    • Vibration: 10–55 Hz (0.010 m peak-to-peak excursion)
  • Notes
    • 1. Supports NEC Class 2 wiring
    • 2. Current draw measured at 48 V DC; current draw ratings are for eight connected HMS-10 loudspeakers
    • 3. RMS module available as factory-installed option. Requires RMServer hardware unit sold separately.

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