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Sennheiser SKM 9000 Handheld Transmitter
Sennheiser SKM 9000 Handheld Transmitter

Sennheiser SKM 9000 Handheld Transmitter

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SoundPro Item: 34023
MPN: SKM 9000 BK A1-A4
MSRP: $3,249.00

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Transmitter only, capsule sold separately.

Take on any challenge with the SKM 9000 Handheld Transmitter from Sennheiser. World-class and wireless, this digital handheld transmitter delivers awesome dynamics and outstanding clarity able to rival any wired microphone. Its artifact-free, uncompressed digital audio transmission perfectly imitates classic cable sound for a polished, professional result to live sound applications, even on loud and punishing stages.

The SKM 9000 is designed for optimal compatibility with all microphone capsules from Sennheiser’s renowned evolution wireless G3 and 2000 series, including the Neumann KK 204 and KK 205 capsules. Other popular capsules include the MD9235, ME 9002, ME 9004, and ME 9005. (All microphone capsules are sold separately.) It can be powered using exchangeable Lithium-Ion energy packs (sold separately) to maximize operating time and reduce battery waste.

This handheld transmitter is available in different colors and frequency options.

Available Frequency Ranges:

  • A1-A4: 470-558 MHz
  • A5-A8: 550-638 MHz

More about Sennheiser’s Digital 9000 Series

With Sennheiser’s Digital 9000 Series, you’ll never have to compromise your sound. Boasting uncompressed digital audio transmission, Digital 9000 products offer artifact-free audio and great dynamics, making it an ideal system for professionals. With unique sound quality and an entirely new level of flexibility, Digital 9000 is the perfect addition to sound setups for broadcast studios, theaters, and live performances.

One of the features that sets the Digital 9000 Series apart is its use of extremely steep filters. This allows a very narrow setup of radio frequencies within the available frequency range, all while avoiding the issues related to intermodulation. Other features include its intuitive handling, compatibility with 12 different microphone capsules, and antennas that dispose of eight highly selective filters.

A major factor in Digital 9000’s sound quality is its antenna function. Antennas in this series include the AD 9000, A 9000, and AB 9000—all of which compensate for cable losses of up to 14 dB. These cable losses are compensated automatically, which saves time when setting up the system while ensuring optimal calibration. The antennas’ selective filters let you select a frequency window remotely, and then the filters will only allow corresponding frequencies to pass.  

Sennheiser SKM 9000 Features

  • Transmitter only, capsule sold separately
  • Broad choice of sounds and applications
  • The optimum in practical operation and sound quality
  • Artifact-free, uncompressed digital audio transmission
  • Works with exchangeable energy packs
  • Compatible with the evolution wireless / 2000 series microphone heads, Neumann heads KK 204 and KK 205, Digital 9000 capsules
  • Includes microphone clamp
  • SKM 9000 Handheld Transmitter1
  • Microphone clamp MZQ 90001
  • Supplement "Framework requirements and restrictions on frequency usage"1
  • Instruction manual1
  • DimensionsLength: 270 mm; Diameter: 40 mm
  • Frequency response80 - 20000 Hz (3 dB)
  • Weightapprox. 350 g (with rechargeable battery pack BA 60 and microphone head ME 9005)
  • Power consumptionmax. 960 mW
  • RF output power
    • Mode HD: 10 mW rms, 50 mW peak
    • Mode LR: 25 mW rms, 50 mW peak
  • Switching bandwidth88 MHz
  • Operating time5.5 h with rechargeable battery BA 60
  • Modulation
    • Mode HD: uncompressed audio
    • Mode LR: SeDAC (Sennheiser Digital Audio Codec)
  • Frequency range
    • SKM 9000 A1-A4: 470-558 MHz
    • SKM 9000 A5-A8: 550-638 MHz
    • SKM 9000 B1-B4: 630-718 MHz
    • SKM 9000 B5-B8: 710-798 MHz

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