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Shure ADX2/SM58 Handheld Transmitter
Shure ADX2/SM58 Axient Digital Wireless Handheld Microphone Transmitter

Shure ADX2/SM58 Axient Digital Wireless Handheld Microphone Transmitter

SoundPro Item: 28597
MPN: ADX2/SM58=-G57
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  • Shure ADX2/SM58 Handheld Transmitter
MSRP: $2,225.00

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The ADX2 handheld wireless microphone transmitter is compatible with Shure Axient Digital Wireless Systems. Includes renowned SM58 cardioid capsule.

Set the stage for exceptional sound. Compatible with Axient® Digital Wireless Systems, the Shure ADX2/SM58 Handheld Transmitter is a wireless microphone transmitter that equips you with professional-caliber audio and enhanced RF performance. Boasting the renowned SM58 microphone capsule, this transmitter is ideal for capturing vocals. Its design is characterized by a backlit LCD with an intuitive menu and controls as well as a low-profile, lockable power switch. Its integrated Diversity ShowLink remote control function enables real-time settings adjustments and automatic interference avoidance.

Choose between two transmission modes: Standard Mode optimizes wireless coverage, while High Density Mode intensifies the coverage and maxes out the system’s channel count. Other features include wide tuning up to 184 MHz and secure transmission via its encryption enabling.

Moisture-resistant and durable, the ADX2 metal build helps it endure the wear and tear of demanding applications—all while remaining lightweight and easy to use. Use the transmitter for up to 9 hours straight with its included SB920 rechargeable battery. The transmitter’s housing incorporates external contacts for charging the entire unit in a dock (sold separately). It also comes with a zippered bag, a Euro-threaded adapter, and a swivel adapter.

Note: When purchasing separate wireless components, please match their frequency bands to ensure proper system operation.

More about the SM58 Microphone Capsule

Boasting a classic look and world-renowned engineering, the SM58 mic capsule handles vocals with clarity and precision. The cardioid pattern minimizes the pickup of background noise, so you capture your voice—and not any noise from the sides or back. Its iconic spherical mesh grille and built-in pop filter protect your audio from wind and plosives.

More about Shure’s ADX Series

The Axient® Digital Wireless System from Shure is designed to provide pristine audio clarity, advanced connectivity, scalable hardware, network charging, and premium wireless signal stability—all in a system that gives you precise control while offering optimal convenience of use in professional wireless production. ADX models in this series feature integrated Diversity ShowLink, a remote control functionality that allows you to make adjustments to settings in real-time and automatically minimizes interference.

Developed according to the input of top audio professionals, Axient Digital boasts 184 mHz tuning across all receivers and transmitters, up to 47 active transmitters per 6 MHz TV channel, and an industry-leading 2 milliseconds of latency. These features, with flat frequency response, multiple digital audio output options, next-generation digital radio with encryption, and Quadversity and High-Density modes, make the Axient Digital Wireless System a powerhouse for modern broadcast needs no matter how crowded the spectrum environment.

Complex setups, high channel counts, and constrained spectrum are everyday hurdles for today’s major events and tours. Axient Digital was built to tackle these problems head-on to give you ultimate control over professional production and improve every aspect of your workflow. Every component of the Axient Digital Wireless Systems has been stress-tested and fine-tuned for efficiency, durability, and reliability so you get the best results. Choose from a handheld transmitter or a bodypack transmitter, and pair it with a receiver. Offering big sound quality for big audiences, this wireless system is the ideal solution for major award shows, halftime performances, music festivals, and even Broadway.

Discover solutions to meet your wireless needs when you browse SoundPro’s Shure Wireless Systems page.

Shure ADX2/SM58 Features

  • Diversity ShowLink enabled for remote transmitter control and automatic interference avoidance
  • Durable, moisture-resistant, lightweight metal case in black finish
  • Up to 9 hours of runtime with SB920 rechargeable battery
  • External contacts for docked charging with optional fully covered radome
  • Two transmission modes: Standard for optimal coverage and new High Density for maximum system channel count and robust coverage
  • Encryption-enabled, secure transmission
  • ADX2/SM58 Microphone Transmitter1
  • SB920 Rechargeable Battery1
  • Zipper Bag1
  • Threaded Adapter1
  • Swivel Adapter1
  • Microphone TypeDigital Wireless Handheld
  • Capsule TypeDynamic
  • Polar PatternCardioid
  • SpectrumUHF / 900 MHz ISM
  • Audio Frequency Response20 Hz-20 kHz (Dependent on microphone type)
  • Working Range330 feet
  • Mute ControlYes
  • Battery TypeSB920 Rechargeable Li-Ion
  • Battery RuntimeSB920: up to 9 hours
  • Dimensions10.0 in. x 2.0 in. Length x Dia.
  • Weight11.9 oz. without batteries

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