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Solid State Logic SSL 12 12-In/8-Out USB Bus-Powered Audio Interface
Solid State Logic SSL 12 12-In/8-Out USB Bus-Powered Audio Interface

Solid State Logic SSL 12 12-In/8-Out USB Bus-Powered Audio Interface

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SSL 12 is a 12-in/8-out USB bus-powered audio interface that enables you to get studio-quality audio into and out of your computer with minimal fuss and maximum creativity. Building upon the success of SSL 2 and SSL 2+, SSL 12 gives you more. More I/O, more performance and more versatility. SSL 12 is fully integrated with SSL 360° software: Your SSL Control Room. Here you can assign monitor controls, create multiple independent headphone mixes, choose your Loopback source, customise the 3 front panel user-buttons and much more. SSL 12 presents a combination of professional features and workflow never seen before in a portable desktop interface.

Four beautifully detailed mic preamps to capture every nuance of every performance, with enough gain to cope with whatever microphone you're plugging in. Our two-stage design uses a mixture of specially chosen discrete low-noise transistors in combination with ICs, resulting in exceptionally low-noise performance (-130 dBu EIN) and a superior gain range (62 dB).

Unlike many USB-powered audio interfaces, the balanced line inputs and outputs on SSL 12 work all the way up to +24 dBu, allowing you to seamlessly integrate with your favourite analogue outboard gear and other line-level devices.

With 32-bit converter technology, impeccable left-right stereo tracking and balanced outputs that deliver greater than 120 dB of Dynamic Range, SSL 12 brings the kind of no compromise monitor section performance fit for a high-end studio straight to your desktop.

SSL 12 is loaded with an extraordinary amount of professional studio features normally reserved for high-end rackmount interfaces.


For tracking, the ADAT connectivity, together with the on-board talkback mic and an incredibly powerful software cue mixer (that allows you to create up to 4 independent near-zero latency performer mixes) will handle the most demanding of recording sessions.


For mixing, alternative monitor switching and assignable front panel control room functions puts everything you need at your fingertips.


For production, USB Loopback, MIDI I/O and DC-coupled outputs for CV control of synths equip you with a serious toolkit to keep the creativity flowing. To top it all off, the ever-expanding SSL Production Pack (packed with a selection of must-have virtual instruments, plug-ins, samples and DAWs) helps to bring your productions to life.

SSL 360° hosts the SSL 12 software mixer, where you can set up low-latency headphone mixes, choose your Loopback source and customise the user-assignable front panel buttons on SSL 12 via the powerful but intuitive console-style mixer on-screen.

Easily set up multiple near-zero latency headphone mixes

SSL 12 provides an intuitive, virtual console-style mixer for dialling in headphone mixes. With independent pan, level and mute controls available for each send, the SSL 12 Mixer puts you fully in charge.

Configure HP A and HP B outputs the way you need them

Choose from 3 different modes of operation for the headphone outputs that best suit your headphones – Standard, High Sensitivity or High Impedance. Or, you can choose to re-purpose each HP output as a balanced/unbalanced mono output, if you need additional line level outputs from SSL 12.

Customize the 3 user-assignable front panel buttons

The 3 front panel switches come pre-assigned to CUT for the monitors, ALT speaker switching and TALKBACK mic engage/disengage but you can choose to change these buttons to any of the following functions to suit your needs - DIM, CUT, MONO SUM, ALT, INVERT PHASE LEFT, TALKBACK.

SSL Production Pack FREE with SSL 12 Audio Interface

We’ve been helping world-class artists, producers and engineers make great music and audio for decades. It's crucial to have the right tools for the job, so we’ve partnered with some of the industry's key brands to offer you the SSL Production Pack, bundled free with your SSL 12 audio interface.

Featuring a selection of must-have virtual instruments, plug-ins, samples and DAW, let your creativity shine and bring your productions to life with the SSL Production Pack.

The Legacy 4K button injects a musical high frequency boost, alongside a controlled amount of finely tuned harmonic distortion. It's perfect for adding character and edge to your vocals and instruments.

Front-access jack sockets provide convenient access to 2 instrument DI inputs and 2 independent headphone outputs. On the rear, SSL 12 provides Neutrik® XLR Combo sockets for Mic/Line inputs, TRS jack outputs for 2 speaker sets, 5 Pin DIN MIDI I/O, 8 channels of digital audio inputs via ADAT, the USB connector and on/off power switch.

Solid State Logic SSL 12 Features

  • 4 x SSL-Designed Analog Preamps
  • Legacy 4K
  • ADAT Input
  • SSL Production Pack
  • SSL 360° Enabled
  • Compatible with Mac/Windows
  • Class-Leading Mic Amps
  • Full +24 dBu Operating Levels
  • No Compromise Conversion and Monitoring
  • Solid State Logic SSL 12 12-In/8-Out USB Bus-Powered Audio Interface1
  • System requirements and Specs
    • Mac OS 10.15 or later | Class-Compliant, Plug-and-play
    • Windows 10, Windows 11 | Install included ASIO/WDM driver
  • ConnectivityUSB 3.0 Type C Connector (Box includes Type C to C and Type C to A)
  • Mic Preamps
    • 4 x XLR-¼" combo (Mic/Line)
    • Mic Amp EIN (A-weighted): -130.5 dBu EIN
    • Mic Amp Gain: 62 dB
  • Instrument/Line
    • 2 x ¼" (Hi-Z)
    • Max Instrument Input Level: +14 dBu
    • Max Line Input Level: +24 dBu
    • Specs (Measured to AES17 Standards)
  • Monitor Outputs
    • Dynamic Range: >120 dB​
    • Max Output Level: +24 dBu​
  • Headphone Outputs
    • 2 x ¼"
    • Dynamic Range: 112 dB (High Impedance Mode) / 115 dB (Balanced Line Output Mode)
    • Max Output: +18 dBu (High Impedance Mode) / 24 dBu (Balanced Line Output Mode)
    • Output Impedance: <1Ω
  • Digital Inputs1 x Optical (ADAT)
  • Sample rates​44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 176.4, 192 kHz

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