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Sound Devices CL-16 Linear Fader Control Surface for 8-Series
Sound Devices CL-16 Linear Fader 8-Series Control Surface

Sound Devices CL-16 Linear Fader 8-Series Control Surface

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SoundPro Item: 106357
MPN: CL-16
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The CL-16 Linear Fader Control Surface for 8-Series combines the simplicity of traditional analog consoles with the power and flexibility of digital consoles. This bespoke control surface enhances the experience of cart-based mixing with its intuitive operation, 16 silky-smooth faders, 16 dedicated trims, and a glorious panoramic LCD. All of this is elegantly engineered into a 16.3”-wide compact unit which fits in a cart and operates from 12V DC.

Sound Devices CL-16 Features

  • 16 dedicated rotary trim controls
  • 16 dedicated faders
  • 16 ultra-smooth gliding Penny & Giles 100 mm linear faders
  • Quick bottom panel access for field servicing of faders
  • Channels 1-16 have dedicated, non-banking controls like a traditional analog console, and other important features may be quickly accessed
  • 32 multi-function rotary controls for EQ, pan, channels 17-32 gains, bus gains, output gains, and more
  • Large, sunlight-readable LCD screen folds down
  • High-reliability, silent, soft-touch buttons for key functions like record, stop, metadata, coms, returns, and more
  • 5 user-assignable buttons
  • Built-in 5-port USB hub with (2 USB-C and 3 USB-A) for keyboards, SD-Remote tablet, and other USB peripherals
  • 1/4” and 1/8” headphone jacks
  • Remote 10-pin connector for custom wiring of LEDs and switches, along with 1/4” foot pedal input
  • Connects via USB-B
  • 12 V DC-powered via 4-pin XLR (not included)
  • CL-16 Linear Fader 8-Series Control Surface1
  • USB-A to -B cable1
  • 1/4″ to 1/4″ TRS1
  • 10-pin Phoenix Screw Terminal Block1
  • Power
    • Voltage: 10-18 V DC at XLR-4. Pin 4 = +, pin 1 = ground.
    • Current Draw
      • (Min) 560 mA quiescent at 12V DC in, all USB ports left open
      • (Mid) 2.93 A, USB ports total load 5A
      • (Max) 5.51 A, USB ports total load 10A
  • USB
    • USB-A Ports 5V, 1.5A each
    • USB-C Ports 5V, 3A each
  • Remote Ports
    • Power: 5V, 1 A available on pin 10
    • Input: 60k ohm typical input Z. Vih = 3.5V min, Vil = 1.5 V max
    • Output: 100 ohm output Z when configured as output
  • Foot Switch1k ohm typical input Z. Connect to ground to operate (active low).
  • Dimensions
    • Screen Folded Down: 3.15x17.13x12.96" (8.01x43.52x32.913 cm)
    • Screen Folded Up: 5.76x17.13x14.13" (14.64x43.52x35.9 cm)
    • Weight10 lbs 6 oz (4.71 kg)

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