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Williams AV DWS COM 6 PRO 400 Digi-Wave Wireless Intercom System
Williams AV DWS COM 6 PRO 400 Digi-Wave Wireless Intercom System

Williams AV DWS COM 6 PRO 400 Digi-Wave Wireless Intercom System

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MSRP: $5,035.00
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This Digi-Wave 400 Series Wireless Intercom System is for up to six participants in high-noise environments.

The transceiver in the system is DLT 400 from the Digi-Wave™ system. It is a digital spread-spectrum (DSS), simultaneous two-way wireless listening system. Using a frequency-hopping algorithm, it avoids interference and is a very secure method of communication. The Digi-Wave communication system allows users to listen and talk to one another wirelessly in a variety of scenarios. Headset microphone MIC 157 is another component to this system. It is a single-muff headset microphone with TRRS 3.5mm plug for use only with the Digi-Wave transceiver DLT 400 (included).

Williams AV DWS COM 6 PRO 400 System Features

  • Communicate with crew members in different locations
  • Accomodates any size production
  • Hands-free operation
  • Great for events, theaters, houses of worship, education, remote field production, etc.
  • DLT 400 transceivers6
  • MIC 157 headset mics6
  • DW ACC PAC46/li>
  • CCS 042 heavy-duty system carry case1
  • CCS 061 GR grey silicone skin1
  • CCS 061 BK black silicone skin5
  • Two Year Warranty1
  • DLT 400
    • Dimensions: 4.22"W x 2.60"H x 0.50"D (107.3 mm x 66 mm x 12.6 mm)
    • Weight: 3.3 oz (94 g) including battery
    • Color: Black/Silver (Front/Back)
    • Case Material: Black ABS plastic
    • Battery type: Lithium Polymer with smart charge built into transceiver; 1800 mAH
    • Battery life: Up to 16 hrs talk time per charge@ 1ch Tx and 1ch Rx
    • Power Save: Auto Sleep Mode after 5 minutes of no RF signal from compatible devices
    • Charge time: 5 hrs. approx.
    • System Voltages: OLED 14VDC; RF 5VDC; Logic 3.3 VDC
    • Operating frequencies: 2.4 GHz (ISM band); 2402 – 2476 MHz FHSS
    • Audio Frequency response (-3dB Level)
      • Intercom Mode: 100 - 7,200 Hz
      • Other Modes: 100 - 11,500 Hz
    • SNR: 73 dB (A-weighted, default Rx volume with mic input )
    • THD: 0.1 % (Default Volume, 1kHz)
    • Microphone input: Internal microphone (disabled when MIC jack engaged) and 3.5 mm phone jack (sleeve) with electret microphone bias, adjustable gain with 63dB range.
    • Line Input: USB-C, Adjustable level
    • Headphone Output: 3.5 mm TRRS headphone jack; 25 mW, R 32 ohms
    • Audio Output: Headphone: Max SSPL 90 111.8dB (EAR 013), 116.8dB (EAR 041) Line: USB-C, Adjustable level
    • Range: Up to 900 ft (274 m) (depending upon environmental conditions)
    • Modulation: FSK
    • RF Output: 19 dBm Typical
    • Security: 87-bit encryption (300 Series Compatible), 87+128 bit Encryption, Encryption PIN, Lock for settings
    • Side tone: -6 dB below volume, tone variation (Off, Low and High settings available)
    • Indicators: OLED
    • LEDs: Red LED around Talk button when enabled; Bi-color, changing green and red LED at top
    • Charging Connectors: USB-C; Two contacts for use with CHG 412
    • Compatible Receiver: DLR 400 RCH, DLR 400 ALK, DLT 300 with some limitations and DLR 360 with some limitations
    • Operating Temperature Range: 14º to 113ºF (-10º to 45ºC)
    • Approvals: FCC, Industry Canada, CE, RoHS 3, WEEE, RCM, ANATEL, KC, Giteki
    • Warranty: 2-years warranty against component failure and manufacturing defects. 6 months on the internal battery. See Full Warranty on the website for details.

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