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Yamaha CL series MBCL Meter Bridge
Yamaha MBCL Peak Meter Bridge

Yamaha MBCL Peak Meter Bridge

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  • Yamaha CL series MBCL Meter Bridge
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The MBCL from Yamaha is a peak meter bridge for the CL Series of mixing consoles. Specifically, it is compatible with the CL3 and CL1 mixing consoles (sold separately).

CL consoles are packed with features that are ideal for live sound and demanding broadcast applications.

Yamaha MBCL Features

  • Peak meter bridge
  • Great for sound setups that are operated by volunteers and novices
  • Ideal for live and studio applications
  • Compatible with CL Series components
  • CL series MBCL Meter Bridge1
  • CompatibilityCL3 and CL1 mixing consoles (sold separately)

More about Yamaha's CL Series

Yamaha’s CL mixing consoles are known for providing accessible mixing and sonic purity. Available in 48-, 64-, and 72-channel models, these consoles deliver superior, natural sound while also offering a comprehensive range of “coloring” options.

An intuitive layout and familiar controls offer effortless creative freedom, while every individual component is expertly engineered to ensure the highest quality audio performance.

Virtual Circuitry Modeling

Yamaha’s VCM technology is a circuit modeling concept that allows digital audio to accurately model rich, expressive analog sound. In addition to Portico 5033/5043 EQ and compressor/limiters developed in partnership with Rupert Neve Designs, CL consoles include a wide range of other VCM EQ, compressors, and effects.

Versatile Configurations

Create unique, professional audio, no matter what your venue or project. CL’s “virtual racks” let you combine signal processors in one easily accessible location.

  • Premium Rack combines up to eight expressive EQ and dynamics effects.
  • Effect Rack allows simultaneous use of up to 8 effects from a selection of 46 ambiance effects and 8 insertion effects.
  • GEQ Rack inserts graphic EQ into the output buses. Up to 16 31-band GEQ units can be mounted in the rack for simultaneous use, and can be individually switched to Flex15GEQ mode, equipping you with up to 32 GEQ channels.

Precision Control via Fader Knobs

CL’s ergonomic and tactile fader knobs have non-slip inserts for smooth, slip-free fades, while the knobs are sculpted to provide clear visibility at the fader scale from nearly any angle. Fader displays allow you to color code or edit names for channels, as well as view pan and fader values. Adjust the brightness of the display for lower-lit environments. Assign variable parameters to the four User Defined Knobs for instant access, while Custom Fader Bank selection allows each fader section to be instantly reorganized.

Feature-Packed for Personalized Performance

Store up to 300 complete setups as “scenes”, as well as Recall Safe, Focus, and Preview functions to be instantly accessed whenever needed.

Other console functions include Sends on Fader, Tap Tempo, and Set by Sel can be assigned to 16 User Defined Keys for instant hands-on access. Digital gain control contributes to smooth, efficient operation and integration. CL’s Gain Compensation function combines FOH and monitor control via a single network.  Achieve the most natural, musical sound. CL maximizes AD/DA conversion via detailed spectral analyses of the master clock and adjusting the FPGA clock signal routing.

Input and output channels boast up to 1000 millisecond delays for precise microphone phase compensation or speaker distance compensation and room tuning, respectively. Every channel has a 4-band parametric EQ, two dynamic processors on inputs, and one dynamic processor on outputs. The processors include an HPF for every input, and one also functions as a highly effective de-esser with advanced processing algorithms offering bandpass mode. Streamline control by grouping multiple input channels into 16 DCA groups. Using CL’s Dimmer Level function, you can also assign multiple channels to up to 8 mute groups to enable instant mute/unmute.

Streamline Your System

Separate console and I/O rack components communicate via Dante™ network audio protocol, for a fast, streamlined setup of systems both basic and complex. Dante allows connection to up to eight I/O rack units for flexible configuration and superior signal reliability.

Control CL from anywhere in your venue using Yamaha StageMix. This functionality allows you to turn your iPad into a wireless remote controller.

Additionally, the CL Editor application extends online operation and enables offline setup and editing on Windows or Mac operating systems, facilitating scene data management, patch list editing, channel name editing, and more. You can even use StageMix and Editor applications simultaneously.

For environments that utilize volunteer or less experienced mixer operators, you can limit function access via multiple User Key sets that can be stored in the console itself or on USB. A 5-input/5-output GPI interface allows the console to respond to input from external switches, as well as to transmit on/off status to external devices.

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