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Audient EVO 8 4in | 4out USB Audio Interface
[DISCONTINUED] Audient EVO 8 4in | 4out USB Audio Interface

[DISCONTINUED] Audient EVO 8 4in | 4out USB Audio Interface

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Audient EVO 8’s intuitive feature set makes it easy to capture microphones and instruments and start recording audio directly to your computer. Impressive technical specifications, incredible performance, and dazzling sound quality make the EVO 8 an ideal interface for both beginners and pros.

The 4 EVO preamps ensure you get the most from your microphones, providing clean, warm, and accurate sound while offering 58dB of gain range.

Hearing your recordings accurately is critical: high-performance converters work to achieve this with 113dB of dynamic range.

Recording gets going quickly and easily, even the first time you take the EVO 8 out of the box. A JFET instrument input lets you plug your guitar or bass straight in and start recording immediately.

Smartgain mode helps make sure you capture everything perfectly without making extra work for you. When you start playing or singing, Smartgain mode automatically sets the level of your microphones. You can also use this mode to perfectly match and adjust the gain to both channels simultaneously.

Switchable phantom power is provided and can be enabled on/off for each channel to give connected microphones the power they need to perform.

Alternating between loudspeaker monitoring and headphone monitoring is quick and seamless with SmartMuting. When headphones are connected to the headphone port the monitors are automatically muted.

Audio Loop-back records computer audio at the same time as microphone audio, essential for podcasting and streaming. This feature can be configured via its own dedicated audio loopback mixer software, so it’s quick and easy to combine audio sources and route them between software.

The EVO 8 is powered via USB, so you can plug in directly from your computer’s USB port, making it easy to record on the go.

Though buttons are available on the EVO 8 to control various functions, you can also work from the EVO Control app. Work from your computer for quick control over setting and monitoring levels, muting microphones, and even activating Smartgain mode. In addition to the app, EVO 8 comes with a professional software bundle, so you’ll have everything you need for an excellent recording process.

Audient EVO 8 Features

  • 58 dB gain range
  • -127 dB mic pre EIN
  • 113 dB dynamic range
  • Provides true and switchable phantom power
  • 4 EVO preamps
  • JFET instrument input
  • Smartgain mode automatically sets level of microphones
  • SmartMuting automatically mutes monitors when headphones are connected
  • Audio loop-back enables computer and microphone audio to record simultaneously
  • EVO 8 4x4 USB Audio Interface1
  • Microphone Preamplifier
    • Mic Gain Range: 58 dB
    • Line Gain Range: 58dB with -10dB Pad
    • Phantom Power: 48V +/-4V @ 10mA/Channel (only 2 channel available on USB-A host computers)
    • CMRR: >85dB @1kHz
    • Maximum Input Level: +16dBu
    • Input Impedance (Mic): >3kΩ Balanced
    • Input Impedance (Line): >10kΩ Balanced
    • Frequency Response: +/-0.5dB 10Hz to 40kHz
    • Crosstalk: <-105dBu @ 1kHz & 10kHz
    • THD+N @0dBu (1kHz): <0.0015%
    • SNR: 100dB
    • Mic EIN: <-128dBu
    • XLR: Pin 2 (Hot), Pin 3 (Cold) & Pin 1 (Shield)
    • ¼” Jack: TIP (Hot), RING (Cold) & SLEEVE (Shield)
  • D.I.
    • D.I. Gain Range: 58dB
    • Maximum Input Level: +10dBu
    • Input Impedance: 1MegΩ Unbalanced
    • THD+N @0dBu (1kHz): <0.3%
    • SNR: 100dB
    • Frequency Response: +/-0.5dB 10Hz to 20kHz
    • ¼” Jack: TIP (Hot) & SLEEVE (Shield)
  • USB 2.0 High Speed
    • Input Channels: 4 Analog
    • Output Channels: 4 Digital
    • Connector: USB Type-C
    • Included Cables: 1m USB 2.0 Type-C to USB Type-C
  • DSP Mixer Roundtrip (in to out) Latency
    • 44.1 kHz: 0.594ms
    • 48.0 kHz: 0.552ms
    • 88.2 kHz: 0.302ms
    • 96.0 kHz: 0.281ms
  • DAC Outputs
    • Maximum Output Level: +11dBu
    • Digital Reference Level: 0dBFS = +11dBu
    • Output Impedance: <100Ω Balanced
    • Frequency Response: +/-0.5dB 10Hz to Fs/2
    • Crosstalk: <-110dBu @ 1kHz
    • THD+N @ -1dBFS (1kHz): <0.0015%
    • Dynamic Range: 113dB A-weighted
    • ¼” Jack: TIP (Hot), RING (Cold) & SLEEVE (Shield)
  • Headphone Outputs
    • Output Impedance: <50Ω
    • Frequency Response: +/-0.5dB 10Hz to Fs/2
    • Crosstalk: -110dBu @ 1kHz
    • THD+N @ 1dBFS (1kHz): <0.0015%
    • Dynamic Range: 113dB A-weighted
    • Max Level Into 30ohms: +0.5dBu, 0.0025% THD+N, 1.16Vpk Power: 45mW
    • Max Level into 60Oohms: +4.22dBu, 0.0015% THD+N, 1.78Vpk Power: 52mW
    • Max Level into 600ohms: +10.1dBu, 0.0018% THD+N, 3.52Vpk Power: 20mW
    • ¼” Jack: TIP (Left) RING (Right) & SLEEVE (Shield)
  • Dimensions and Weights (W x H x D)Unboxed: 190 x 70 x 70mm (0.475kg); Boxed: 230 x 105 x 95mm  (0.815kg) 

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