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Audio-Technica AT4049b-EL Omnidirectional Microphone Capsule
Audio-Technica AT4049b-EL Omni Microphone Capsule

Audio-Technica AT4049b-EL Omni Microphone Capsule

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The AT4049b-EL Omnidirectional Microphone Capsule from Audio-Technica is an omnidirectional head capsule for AT4900b-48 electronic body. With its rugged brass head and state-of-the-art design, this capsule provides optimal ambient pickup of sounds that make it perfect for professional recording, broadcast, and other miking applications where reliability is critical.

More about the AT4049b Microphone from Audio-Technica

The AT4049b Omnidirectional Condenser Microphone from Audio-Technica is specifically designed for professional recording, live broadcast, and other miking applications where reliability is critical such as sound reinforcement. This versatile mic features direct-coupled balanced outputs, providing a clean signal in high-output conditions without the distortion that is normally associated with conventional transformer-coupled outputs. Its transformerless circuitry design minimizes low-frequency distortions and optimizes the correlation of high-speed transients.

Its omnidirectional polar pattern picks up the maximum ambient atmosphere for the sound of your venue. Its efficient transient response transparently reproduces even the most difficult-to-capture instruments. The AT4049b also includes a switchable 80 Hz high-pass filter and a 10 dB pad.

Featuring a rugged housing of turned brass, every AT4049b features innovative design and exemplary manufacturing quality complies with Audio-Technica’s stringent standards of consistency and reliability. The AT4049b consists of two modular subassemblies: an AT4900b-48 body and an AT4049b-EL omnidirectional head capsule (both body and capsule are sold separately). The AT4049b mic comes with a custom AT8405a stand clamp for 5/8"-27 threaded stands—which helps further isolate the mic from handling noise—as well as a windscreen to minimize vocal plosives and a protective carrying case for secure transportation and safe storage. Additional capsules are also sold separately: cardioid (AT4051b-EL) and hypercardioid (AT4053b-EL).

Audio-Technica AT4049b-EL Features

  • Specially engineered to meet the most critical acoustic requirements of professional recording, broadcast and sound reinforcement
  • Omnidirectional polar pattern provides maximum ambient pickup
  • Rugged turned-brass head capsule housing for enduring dependability
  • State-of-the-art design and manufacturing techniques ensure compliance with Audio-Technica's stringent consistency and reliability standards
  • Compatible with AT4900b-48 microphone body
  • AT4049b-EL omnidirectional microphone capsule1
  • Polar Patternomnidirectional
  • Frequency Response20Hz - 20,000Hz
  • Weight23 grams

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Audio-Technica AT4049b-EL Omnidirectional Microphone Capsule

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