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Clear-Com IF4W4 Encore 4-Channel Interface
Clear-Com IF4W4 Encore 4-Channel Interface

Clear-Com IF4W4 Encore 4-Channel Interface

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The IF4W4 modular 4-wire interface connects camera intercoms, two-way radios, ber-optics, and other 4-wire devices to a standard Clear-Com intercom line. The 1-RU chassis holds up to four individual interface modules, each with its own 4-wire terminal block and XLR-3M connector to interface with Clear-Com. The IF4W4 accepts balanced or unbalanced 4-wire input and is transformer isolated. It is powered by the Clear-Com intercom line, using standard two-conductor shielded mic cable.

Front-panel controls allow the user to adjust the operating parameters for each interface module, optimizing the interface between the 4-wire device and the party line. Capabilities include: adjusting the transmit and receive levels between the intercom system and the 4-wire line; optimizing the hybrid null balance; switching the transmit level between mic and line level; and emulating either a carbon or a dynamic microphone. A two-color LED transmit-level indicator gives a visual indication of send levels to the transmit lines. A front-panel test jack is connected to a built-in oscillator. Using the null control and an earphone with a 1/8” plug or 4-pin headset, the user can quickly null the send/receive hybrid. Set-up switches allow the user to assign the interfaced devices to separate intercom channels, or to assign any or all to a single party line.

Each interface module has its own set of transformer-isolated connectors. The terminal block provides a pair of connections for both transmit and receive signals, with a 600-ohm load across the receive line. An XLR-3M connector provides the link between the interface and the Clear-Com intercom line.

Clear-Com IF4W4 Features

  • Interfaces TV cameras, 2-way radios, fiber circuits and other 4-wire devices to Clear-Com partyline
  • Individual Transmit Receive and Null controls
  • Transmit output switchable between mic and line level
  • Built-in test jack and oscillator for quick nulling
  • Selective partyline capability
  • Accepts balanced or unbalanced 4-wire input
  • Transformer isolated
  • Terminal block and XLR connectors for each interface
  • Powered by the intercom line
  • IF4W4 Encore 4-channel interface1
  • Program Line Input
    • Input Impedance: >= 1K
  • Partyline Output
    • Output Impedance: >10K
  • Stage Announce / Balanced Line Out
    • Type: Balanced
    • Output Impedance: >= 80
    • Load Impedance: >= 600
  • Frequency Response
    • Program Input – Partyline: 200 – 18kHz ± 3dB
    • Partyline – Line Out: 200 – 18kHz ± 3dB
  • Max. Distortion
    • Program Input – Partyline: <= 0.2%
    • Partyline – Line Out: <= 0.5%
  • Noise
    • Program Input – Partyline: < -85dBu
    • Partyline – Line Out: < -60dBu
  • Max. Gain
    • Program Input – Partyline: >= -16dB
    • Partyline – Line Out: >= 24dB
  • Min. Gain
    • Program Input – Partyline: <= -20dB
    • Partyline – Line Out: <= -45dB
  • Line Out LED Threshold
    • Green: -7dBu ± 2dB
    • Red: +5dBu ± 2dB
  • Partyline LED Threshold
    • Green: -10dBu ± 2dB
    • Red: 0dBu ± 2dB
  • Power
    • Input Voltage Range: 20-30V DC
    • Input Current (Idle): <= 40mA
    • Input Current (Max): <= 50mA
  • Environmental32°F to 122°F (0°C to 50°C)
  • Weight5.8 pounds

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