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Electro-Voice RE3-BPT Bodypack Transmitter
Electro-Voice RE3-BPT Wireless Bodypack Transmitter

Electro-Voice RE3-BPT Wireless Bodypack Transmitter

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MSRP: $311.00

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The RE3-BPT is a small, lightweight yet robust UHF bodypack transmitter. It is easily worn and concealed, making it an ideal form factor for a wide variety of professional presentation and performance applications. From stand-up presentations, to theatrical and musical performances, to high-energy fitness and athletic situations, this sleek and rugged transmitter fits comfortably and accepts a wide variety of input devices.

Electro-Voice RE3-BPT Features

  • Robust metal body
  • Sync function for easy frequency setup
  • Selectable low and high output power (band specific)
  • Up to 36 MHz tuning bandwidth (band specific)
  • Unique magnetic latch and lock for easy access to batteries
  • RE3-BPT Bodypack Transmitter1
  • Frequency oscillation mode Phase-locked loop (PLL)
  • Available band names, tuning bandwidths, and carrier frequency ranges
    • 5L 36 MHz (488-524 MHz)
    • 5H 36 MHz (560-596 MHz)
    • 6M 10 MHz (653-663 MHz)
    • 8M (823-865 MHz)*
    • T 3 MHz (803-806 MHz)
    • *8M is split into two segments
    • 823-832MHz 9MHz
    • 863-865MHz 2MHz
  • Sync frequency Ultrasonic
  • RF power output
    • Frequency band specific 5L (488-524MHz) Low 10mW / High 50mW
    • 5H (560-596MHz) Low 10mW / High 50mW
    • 6M (653-663MHz) Low 10mW / High 20mW
    • 8M (823-865MHz) 10mW
    • T (803-806MHz) Low 10mW / High 50mW
  • Display by LCD + LED
  • Function controls Power, mute, group, channel, frequency, sensitivity adjustment, input level attenuation, RF power, auto off, key lock.
  • RF stability <±10kHz@Fc
  • Modulation frequency shift Wideband FM ±48kHz deviation
  • Harmonic radiation <−50dBc
  • Input jack 4-pin mini jack
  • Battery 2 x AA alkaline battery or NiMH rechargeable battery
  • Charging contacts Yes
  • Finish Black polyurethane paint
  • Dimensions (without antenna)
    • Height 3.2 in. (81.5mm)
    • Width 2.54 in. (64.5mm)
    • Depth 0.98 in. (25mm)
    • Net weight 6.14 oz. (0.174 kg)
    • Gross weight 8.29 oz. (0.235 kg)

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Electro-Voice RE3-BPT Bodypack Transmitter

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