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Blackmagic Design H.264 Pro Recorder
[DISCONTINUED] Blackmagic Design H.264 Pro Recorder

[DISCONTINUED] Blackmagic Design H.264 Pro Recorder

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The H.264 Pro Recorder supports capture from popular video formats so you can encode directly from professional broadcast decks. With the H.264 Pro Recorder, you can capture old or new video formats into file formats used online, iPads, iPods, iPhones, Apple TVs, and more. Media Express by Blackmagic Design provides frame accurate deck control with EDL import. RS-422 deck control is included.

Choose between SDI, HDMI, and analog component video inputs with selection between inputs. Take audio from SDI, HDMI, or stereo balanced analog audio input jacks. SDI, HDMI, and analog component inputs switch between formats, so the H.264 can be connected directly to HD or SD video sources.

One excellent use of the H.264 Pro Recorder is persevering old videotapes. Videotapes themselves are delicate, and decks that can play them are increasingly rare. Use the H.264 Pro Recorder to take footage from videotapes and preserve it in digital H.264 file format.

Blackmagic Media Express is included, so you can batch capture H.264 files quickly and easily on Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux systems. Create playlists from saved files. Media Express supports CMX EDL import and frame accurate deck control via RS-422, giving you the power to fully automate batch capture of multiple H.264 files.

Blackmagic Design H.264 Features

  • Professional encoding from SDI, HDMI, analog component/composite and balanced audio
  • Connect directly to HD or SD video sources
  • Converts old files to H.264 file formats
  • Use to preserve old videotapes
  • Includes Media Express and deck control via RS-422
  • H.264 Pro Recorder1
  • 12V universal power supply with international socket adaptors1

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