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Furman P-2400 IT 20A Prestige Symmetrically Balanced Power Conditioner
Furman P-2400 IT 20A Symmetrically Balanced Power Conditioner

Furman P-2400 IT 20A Symmetrically Balanced Power Conditioner

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MPN: P-2400 IT
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Designed for the most critical, ultra-low noise installations, the P-2400 IT is a symmetrically balanced power conditioner, providing unparalleled AC noise reduction and 100% isolation from the power grid for the lowest noise floor possible.

The P-2400 IT features over 80 dB of common-mode and over 50 dB of differential-mode noise reduction for recording, mastering, and broadcast studios, or anywhere noise-free performance is critical. With 100% isolation from line, neutral, and ground, the P-2400 IT is also ideal for breaking AC ground loops without rewiring or hiring an electrician.

The P-2400 IT features a specially wound and shielded toroidal balanced isolation transformer specifically designed to reduce hum pickup by sensitive equipment when ultra-low-noise is a must. Additionally, Furman's revolutionary Series Multi-Stage Protection (SMP) featuring our Extreme Voltage Shutdown (EVS) circuits, and our exclusive Linear Filtering Technology (LiFT) combine to ensure what our customers have grown to expect from Furman - uncompromised protection and purification.

Furman P-2400 IT 20A Features

  • Symmetrically Balanced Power
  • Surge Protection
  • Noise Filtration
  • Voltage Protection
  • Diagnostic Lights
  • Voltmeter / Ammeter
  • Isolated Banks
  • USB Charger
  • 20 Amp Rating
  • 14 Total Outlets
  • P-2400 IT 20A Symmetrically Balanced Power Conditioner1
  • Five Year Limited Warranty1
  • General
    • Family: Prestige Series
    • Line Voltage: 120 (Volts)
    • Number of Outlets: 14
    • Number of Isolated Banks: 2
    • Outlet Descriptions: All outlets balanced, filtered, and protected. Rear panel: 10 ultra-low resistance Hubbell outlets, 2 GFCI outlets. 2 front panel convenience outlets.
    • Rack Mountable: Yes
    • Rack Ears Included: Yes
    • Front Panel Meter(s): LED voltmeter/ammeter displays incoming voltage and output current draw
    • Front Media Light(s): No
    • ControlFront panel
      • – On/Off switch
      • – Voltage meter dimmer button
    • Voltage Regulation: No
    • Compliance: NRTL-C
    • USB Charging: 1 front panel USB charger
    • Low Voltage Trigger: N/A
    • AC Power Cord: 10 ft. captive 3/12 AWG, black corde with NEMA 5-20 plug
    • Dimensions (WxDxH): 19x14x5.25"
    • Weight: 90 lbs
    • Power Consumption: 26 Watts
  • AC Protection
    • AC Protection TechnologyExtreme Voltage Shutdown
    • Series Multi-Stage Protection
    • Non-sacrificial protection with zero ground contamination
    • Under-Voltage Shutoff90V
    • Over-Voltage Shutoff140 VAC
    • Maximum Current Rating20 (Amps)
    • Initial Clamping Level188 VAC peak @ 3,000 Amps
  • Filtration
    • Filtration Technology: Lift, Isolated Symmetrically Balanced Power
    • Filtration Rating Transverse Mode
      • 10 dB @ 10kHz
      • 40 dB @ 100 KHz
      • 50 dB @ 500kHz
    • Common Mode
      • 80 dB @ 20 kHz
      • 40 dB @ 20 kHz to 1MHz
    • Signal Line Protection: No
  • Shipping Info
    • Dimensions (LxWxH): 24x23x13.1"
    • Weight: 97.8 lbs
  • Response Time1 Nanosecond
  • Maximum Surge Current6,500 Amps

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