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RTS WM-2000 Dual-Channel Headset Station
RTS WM-2000 Dual-Channel Headset Station

RTS WM-2000 Dual-Channel Headset Station

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SoundPro Item: 42096
MPN: WM-2000
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Channel Select Switch
  • Used to switch between intercom channels one and two. The switch lights green for channel one and red for channel two.

Intercom Listen Key
  • Both momentary (push-to-listen) and latching (hands-free listen) are possible.

Call Key
  • WUsed to send call signals on the intercom channel and to indicate incoming calls.

Intercom Talk Key
  • Both momentary (push-to-talk) and latching (hands-free talk) are possible.
  • Additionally, the WM-1000 / WM-2000 have a feature called mic kill receive which lets an operator at a remote master station (such as the US-2002) turn off the talk key.

Dynamic-Mic Headset Connector
  • 4-pin male XLR connector accepts headsets with monaural headphones and either a balanced or unbalanced dynamic microphone.

Volume Control
  • Adjusts intercom volume to headset.

Audiocom / Clear-Com Selector Switch
  • The selector switch sets the intercom station for compatibility with either Audiocom or Clear-Com channel connector pin-outs, channel power requirements, and call signaling requirements.

Configuration DIP switches
  • DIP switches are provided to enable/disable the following features:
    • Call Beep: An optional call beep tone can be used for incoming call notification.
    • Headset Microphone Type Selection: Balanced or unbalanced microphone may be selected.
    • DC Call Enable: This may be turned on to use the intercom station with intercom systems that use DC call signaling.

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