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Powersoft X4 DSP+DANTE 4-Channel Amplifier with DSP
Powersoft X4 DSP+DANTE 4-Channel 3000W Power Amplifier

Powersoft X4 DSP+DANTE 4-Channel 3000W Power Amplifier

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Powersoft X4 innovates and evolves the concept of the amplification platform through the integration of a worldwide compatible power-box and a full feature DSP inside the power amplifier.

The complete digital audio signal management system based on ARM Cortex A-8 processor and TI C6000 DSP platform heralds new and innovative level of signal processing, providing non-boolean routing and mixing, multi-stage equalization with raised-cosine, IIR and FIR filters, delay up to 2s in input processing and 100ms for time alignment, gain and polarity adjustment, crossover, peak limiters, TruePower™ limiters and Active DampingControl™.

Powersoft X4 DSP+DANTE Features

  • Flexible routing/mixing provided by the internal 4x4 input/output matrix, allows the user to mix and route analog and digital I/O
  • 4 input channels with physical analog and digital AES3 connectors
  • Optional 16-in/8-out redundant Dante™ connection provide maximum flexibility
  • Improved reliability thanks to the customizable input backup policy that allows to automatically switch input source in case of signal failure
  • Complete user interface integrated into Armoni­aPlus
  • Wi-Fi remote monitoring through mobile devices
  • X4 DSP+DANTE 4-Channel 3000W Power Amplifier1
  • Output power per channel
    • Output power per channel: 5200W @ 2Ω, 3000W @ 4Ω, 1600W @ 8Ω
    • Bridge mode: 10400W @ 4Ω, 6000W @ 8Ω
  • Max output voltage / current
    • Max unclipped output voltage @8Ω: 175 Vpeak
    • Current: 130 Apeak
  • AC Main Power
    • Power supply: Universal, regulated switch mode with PFC (Power Factor Correction)
    • Nominal power requirement: 100-240V ±10%, 50-60 Hz
    • Operating voltage: 90V – 264V
    • Power consumption
      • Idle: <100W
      • Max: <3000W
    • Operating temperature range: 0° – 35° C – 32° – 95° F
    • Thermal dissipation*
      • 1/8 of max output power @ 8Ω: 115V: 1127BTU/h, 230V: 1058BTU/h
      • 1/4 of max output power @ 8Ω: 115V: 2124BTU/h, 230V: 1639BTU/h

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