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​Installed Speakers for Permanent Audio Setups

​Installed Speakers for Permanent Audio Setups

Posted by Laura Strommen - SoundPro on Mar 5th 2024

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Permanently install your sound with speakers that blend into your environment seamlessly—without compromising on power and intelligibility. 

Installed speakers are ideal for incorporating into a broad variety of spaces, such as hospitality venues, live stages, restaurants, retail stores, classrooms, offices, houses of worship, boardrooms, and so much more. No matter what you’re listening to, SoundPro’s wide selection of installation speakers equips you with high-quality, reliable audio that provides that professional polish…permanently.


Ceiling speakers are the perfect solution for installed sound systems that want to get optimal audio without giving up space to bulky speakers. Also known as “in-ceiling speakers,” “ceiling-mount speakers,” or “architectural speakers”, ceiling speakers are either surface- or flush-mounted to the ceiling, so you get a great sound overhead. Flush-mount speakers for a clean, streamlined look, or surface-mount them to achieve a bit more character to your ceiling’s aesthetics.

Ceiling speakers are generally passive, which means they do not have built-in amplifiers and require power via a speaker cable that’s connected to an external amplifier, as well as a back box for plenum ceiling installation. They are generally more compact than powered speakers, although the requirement of an amp does add to the space they take up. Installers must take available space, wiring needs, and the amplifier location into consideration before the installation process. Ceiling speakers are also sometimes sold in pairs, making it easy to achieve a stereo sound from the left and right of the listener.

Ceiling speakers are a very popular style since they work well in any space seeking low-profile sound. Ideal for any space that wants to achieve immersive, low-profile sound, ceiling speakers are great for offices, retail, restaurants, theaters, entertainment venues, auditoriums, classrooms, and more. They are a great choice for providing background ambiance to any environment, achieving immersive surround sound, broadcasting public announcement systems, and any application that requires you to install a quality sound system.


Like ceiling speakers, pendant speakers are designed to be permanently installed on a ceiling and do not draw the eye away from other design elements. Unlike ceiling speakers, pendant speakers hang down from the ceiling, making them better suited for rooms with high or open ceilings. By hanging down from a tall ceiling, the pendant speaker design can bring a clean, conical coverage pattern down to a level closer to the listeners—and they may even provide some visual interest on their own.

Enjoy superb sound in an elegant speaker that fits the aesthetic of high ceilings. Most pendant speakers are adjustable, so you can hang them from ceilings of different heights to ensure the speaker’s grille hangs down at the perfect level to deliver your audio. They are anchored to the ceiling via bracket mounts and hung from cables to bring the actual speaker component closer to the listeners’ ears.

Sleek and stylish, pendant speakers add auditory atmosphere and sonic excellence without detracting from visual elements overhead. With a beautiful look and reliable sound quality, you’ll find pendant speakers installed in a wide range of places, including office spaces, restaurants, retail environments, resorts, hospitality venues such as hotels, open-architectural spaces, and so much more.

Pendant speakers designed for commercial applications are specifically built to provide clear sound reproduction. They are excellent choices for use with sound masking, providing background music, or speech and paging situations.


Surface mount speakers offer just what their name describes: they’re speakers that you permanently mount on a wall or other flat surface. Find the perfect place for your speakers, then complete your setup by mounting them using reliable hardware to install them. It’s that simple.

Enjoy your audio with confidence with speakers that are perfectly positioned and installed to stay that way. Surface mount speakers are the ideal solution for a wide range of audio applications. Some surface-mount speakers are sold in stereo-matched pairs so you get surround-sound immersion. You can also complement your loudspeakers with surface-mountable subwoofers that deliver rich, deep audio.

Mounted to walls or other flat surfaces and secured in place with reliable hardware, surface mount speakers are excellent for permanent installations. They can also be implemented in temporary installations by placing the speaker on a stand. You can confidently enjoy quality audio; position the speakers correctly when you mount them, and you’ll have consistent sound throughout the speaker’s lifetime. This traditional but versatile style of speaker can be found in just about any location. Some of the many applications for surface mount speakers include hospitality, small live stages, restaurants, retail spaces, classrooms, offices, houses of worship, boardrooms, and more.


Characterized by their long, narrow build that features a row of small speaker drivers, column array speakers are a great choice for installed sound systems in venues that need great audio quality and coverage, without impeding on space. Achieve the same results as a large line array system—in a miniature, streamlined model.

Sporting a slim design, column array speakers are easy to incorporate as a permanent feature into any space, no matter its size or shape. Mount these long speakers to any wall in vertical—or even horizontal—orientations. Their low-profile, compact footprint makes them an easy addition to office spaces, studios or theaters, entertainment venues, hotels and hospitality spaces, smaller stages, and much more! In addition to their versatile placement options, column array speakers deliver consistent sound quality that ensures your sound coverage extends throughout the entire space and is heard by everyone in your audience.


Installation speakers ensure you get your sound set the way your application will need it—while providing flexibility to meet changing demands over time. Whether you’re looking to achieve a professional, streamlined aesthetic, need a permanently positioned sound solution, or want the confidence of reliably-quality audio, categories such as ceiling, pendant, surface-mount, or column speakers offer a wide range of options to choose from to find the right fit for your space.

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