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Optimizing Office AV

Optimizing Office AV

Posted by Written and Edited by the SoundPro Team on Apr 11th 2024

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Many office managers strive to create a collaborative environment that gets their team more in sync and productive. For contractors and integrators of office audio systems, this can be a complex challenge. The good news is that many new best practices have been developed in the audio/video industry—and thus there are several AV solutions to make these dream workplaces a reality.


As hybrid and remote work arrangements rise in prevalence, many in-person companies are looking for ways to transfer the benefits of these arrangements into their office setups. For example, work-from-home employees generally have a private environment that they can control. This “focus bubble” can be a challenge to recreate in offices—particularly spaces with an open floor plan. That said, many audio gear options are available to professional contractors or integrators that can effectively cancel out ambient noise, allow more discreet miking, and otherwise compensate for the chaotic effect of open offices.

No matter your office’s layout, acoustic treatment is a great place to start to set your team up for success in an environment where they can focus, communicate, and work productively.

Acoustic Treatment and Sound Masking for Office Environments

With the installation of speakers and emitters, sound masking is a technique that adds low-level broadband noise (such as white or pink noise) into a space to make other sound sources less distinct. The result is a subtle hum that reduces the difference in decibel levels between the human voice and ambient noise—effectively blending sounds.

In open office layouts, several conversations may be happening at once, causing distraction and hindering productivity. Although adding more sound may seem counterintuitive, sound masking helps to minimize distractions, provides a more peaceful working environment, and allows for private communication that is ideal for more confidential conversations. (To learn more about enhancing the acoustics of your office space, check out our other article, Sound Masking vs. Sound Absorption.)

Flexible Communication Options Enhance Collaboration

Depending on the specific workplace, team collaboration can involve any combination of in-person and remote individuals. In addition to general office layouts, the needs of private meeting rooms—including for on-site meetings, video conferencing, training, and more—are also changing. Whether you need to equip a large seminar room for company-wide presentations, or multiple smaller “huddle room” spaces, focusing on collaboration and a combination of in-person and virtual participants is key as meetings of different shapes and sizes become popular.

As with the general office space, private meeting rooms and offices also benefit from proper acoustic treatment. For example, many boardrooms are long, narrow, rectangles with minimal furniture and a lot of hard surfaces such as tables and office chairs, resulting in a lot of echoes and a “tinny” audio quality that is particularly unpleasant during video or phone conferencing. Proper installation of sound absorption is a way to minimize echoes and clarify your audio communications. (See Primacoustic Panels - A Spotlight on Acoustic Room Treatments for more information.)


SoundPro carries full lines of gear that tap into the latest tech from industry-leading AV brands including Audio-Technica, Bose, RCF, Sennheiser, Shure, and more!

AV Gear for the Individual Employee

Depending on the specific roles of each team member, the type of AV gear they need to excel will vary. Here are some general ideas to inspire your team workstations:

Headsets are great for employees who take phone calls throughout the day, boasting one- or two-ear designs, all-day ergonomic comfort, and crystal-clear audio quality that focuses on the wearer’s voice while minimizing nearby noise.

For employees who need a mic less frequently, headphones and earphones—either with a built-in mic or matched with a separate USB mic—offer great listening comfort while still allowing for clear communication when the need arises. In some cases, a preassembled kit is a great choice for getting all the gear you need to communicate over a video call. (Check out some of SoundPro’s top-selling headphones—and their ideal uses—in our article Popular Headphones for Stage, Studio, & More.)

Headphones and Earphones with Integrated Microphones

Mix and Match USB Microphones and Headphones

Podcasting Packs

If higher-quality video is a priority—perhaps for making professional-caliber training calls or presentations—then augment your virtual meetings with lighting kits that allow you to capture great images no matter whether you’re in a cubicle, on a business trip, or working from home.

AV Gear for Team Collaboration

If clear communication is important for individuals at their workstations, it’s crucial for group meetings in boardrooms, huddle rooms, and other collaboration spaces. Core AV gear for these areas includes microphones, speakers, and video displays or projector equipment.

Microphones for Meeting Spaces

A great choice for situations where you have more than one sound source you want to capture, low-profile boundary mics come in wired and wireless options to allow for increased versatility in multi-use environments.

For more permanent setups, a gooseneck microphone at each seating station may be the best way to spotlight every speaker in the room. Combining stability and flexibility, these mics can be placed or installed on a desk, table, or podium.

If you need equal coverage of your room’s sound but can’t afford to use up space on your workstation, SoundPro’s Commercial and Install Microphones category includes microphones that can be flush-mounted or hung from the ceiling to blend into your environment without compromising your communication quality.

Video Displays, Projectors, and More

Add the visual factor to your meetings—whether you’re heading up a presentation or video-calling remotely. Video displays offer enhanced pixel density that helps them portray every detail of their images. Adjustable monitor brightness lets you add contrast or match the tone of the room. Projectors are another popular way of sharing visual information or connecting with off-site collaborators. (For more on which projector is best for your office, check out How to Choose a Video Projector for Applications.)


Achieve a professional polish for any office’s AV needs—whether you’re outfitting individual workstations or collaboration spaces. With the right combination of acoustic treatment, audio gear, and video equipment, contractors, integrators, and end-users can create a productive, focus-friendly space that eliminates stress and distractions while providing clear communication and encouraging team interaction.

If you’re a contractor or integrator with customers ready to update their office’s AV, call a SoundPro Account Manager today – no project is too large or too small. Reach out to the experts at or 800.203.5611.