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Sennheiser EK 2020 D-II 6-Channel Digital RF Receiver
Sennheiser EK 2020 D-II 6-Channel Digital RF Receiver

Sennheiser EK 2020 D-II 6-Channel Digital RF Receiver

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Don’t miss a word with the EK 2020 D-II 6-Channel Digital RF Receiver from Sennheiser. Built for durability and designed for versatility, this bodypack receiver is the perfect component for rounding off your Sennheiser Tourguide System, and is specifcially ideal for optimizing communication for conferences, guided tours, hearing assistance, and other applications where listening is critical. Pairing audio excellence with intuitive ease of use, the EK 2020-D-II is the perfect component for guest operators.

Features of the EK 2020-D-II include controls for automatic on/off as well as easy volume and channel selection. It boasts license-free frequency ranges (in the United States and European Union). A stethoset-style receiver, the EK 2020-D-II includes built-in headphones, while also featuring a 3.5 mm audio output (Max. 10 mW /32 Ohm) for connection to headphones or an induction neck loop for transmitting the sound to hearing aids equipped with a T coil (sold separately).

This receiver offers 6 parallel channels while in its Tourguide Mode; change to Conference Mode to enjoy up to 8 channels in parallel. For power, the EK 2020-D-II boasts an internal integrated Lithium-Polymer battery that’s rechargeable. It operates up to 16 hours on battery life before needing to be recharged.

The receiver has a 32 Ohm minimum impedance. It boasts a frequency response of 100-7000 Hz. Its operating temperature is 32-122 degrees Fahrenheit (0-50 degrees Celsius). Weighing in at well under a pound (approximately 0.17 lbs, or 78 g), this receiver’s lightweight, yet sturdy build ensures it’s both easy and durable enough to use for long listening periods. Simply clip onto a belt, pocket, or the collar of your shirt to comfortably enjoy enhanced audio.

Sennheiser EK 2020 D-II Features

  • Digital RF signal transmission
  • Intuitive operating concept
  • 16 hours battery life
  • Free choice of headphones or induction loop
  • Backlit LC display
  • Sturdy housing
  • EK 2020 D-II 6-Channel Digital RF Receiver1
  • Manual1
  • RF frequency range
    • 926 - 928 MHz
    • 863 - 865 MHz
  • Impedance min. 32 Ohm
  • Dimensions 98x61x24 mm
  • Frequency response 100 - 7000 Hz
  • Weight 78 g
  • Operating temperature 0…50°C
  • Number of channels Tourguide mode: 6 in parallel
  • Number of channels Conference mode: 8 in parallel
  • Operating time ca. 16 h
  • Modulation 2 FSK
  • Power supply 1500 mAh, Lithium-Polymer
  • Headphone connector Max. 10 mW /32 Ohm

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