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Audio-Technica ATW-C6100 Hypercardioid Dynamic Microphone Capsule
Audio-Technica ATW-C6100 Hypercardioid Dynamic Microphone Capsule

Audio-Technica ATW-C6100 Hypercardioid Dynamic Microphone Capsule

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MPN: ATW-C6100
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For exchanging capsules or with handheld transmitters sold without capsules, ATW-C6100 may be a compatible choice. Designed specifically for Audio-Technica’s handheld mics in the 3000, 5000 and 6000 Series, the industry-standard thread mount allows this capsule to be taken on and off a transmitter easily.

This capsule utilizes a hypercardioid polar pattern. With this pattern the focus on sound from the front that defines a cardioid pattern is made even more narrow. That allows this capsule to reject even more ambient noise and feedback than most other mics. Be sure whoever uses the mic speaks directly into it, the sound rejection is so good that speaking slightly to the side or too far back is difficult for the mic to pick up. Between the hypercardioid polar pattern and handheld use, this capsule works well in many different speaking applications.

A dynamic-style microphone capsule, the ATW-C6100 handles the demands of live use better than condenser microphones tend to. For this and the capsule’s other specifications, it is a popular choice for presenters, worship leaders, and just about any public speaker.

Audio-Technica ATW-C6100 Features

  • Hypercardioid polar pattern
  • Dynamic microphone
  • Industry-standard thread mount
  • Easily mount and remove from handheld transmitter
  • Compatibility
    • ATW-T3202 (3000 Series)
    • ATW-T5202 (5000 Series)
    • ATW-T6002xS (6000 Series)
  • ATW-C6100 Hypercardioid Dynamic Microphone Capsule1
  • ElementDynamic
  • Polar PatternHypercardioid
  • Frequency ResponseDepending on the wireless handheld transmitter
  • Power Requirements5 V DC
  • Weight142 g
  • Dimensions85.5 mm long, 48.0 mm max. diameter
  • Output ConnectorInterchangeable industry-standard thread

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Audio-Technica ATW-C6100 Hypercardioid Dynamic Microphone Capsule

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