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How Lighting Comes Together with Chauvet DJ ILS

How Lighting Comes Together with Chauvet DJ ILS

Posted by Kylie Bowman on Feb 23rd 2023

The future of easy lighting synchronization has arrived with Chauvet DJ’s Integrated Lighting System (ILS).

What is ILS?

ILS stands for Integrated Lighting System. This ecosystem of fixtures makes it fast and easy to design complex, coordinated light shows across different fixture types, wired or wirelessly, and without needing DMX programming. Chauvet DJ developed ILS as part of their mission to offer products that are powerful yet accessible to people of all knowledge backgrounds.

What do I need to start my own system?

To use ILS, you’ll need a GigBAR Move + ILS fixture, either a D-Fi USB transceiver for each ILS-compatible fixture you’re using or DMX cables to use a hard wired setup, and the ILS-compatible fixtures of your choice.

The GigBAR Move + ILS controls any ILS setup. This powerful member of the GigBAR family offers you a 5-in-1 lighting system with five lighting features all mounted on a single bar. You’ll get warm, even hex-colored wash lighting from the pars, powerful moving heads and the effects of moving beams, along with strobes, lasers, and derby effects that are sure to energize any event. Built-in UV LEDs create that signature blacklight effect. Even better, all these features can be controlled by an RF remote (sold separately). The RF remote does not need to be within line of sight to operate the GigBAR Move + ILS, making your busy life that much easier. Other accessories included with the GigBAR Move + ILS are a foot switch, tripod, and carry bags.

In order for an ILS-compatible fixture to receive an ILS signal from the GigBAR Move + ILS fixture, either a D-Fi USB transceiver or DMX cables need to be used. Use one D-Fi USB transceiver per ILS-compatible fixture.

Chauvet DJ Intimidator Spot 160 ILS Moving Head (left), Chauvet DJ Kinta FX ILS LED Effect Light (Middle), and Chauvet DJ LED Shadow 2 ILS Black Light (Right)

What Chauvet DJ products are ILS-compatible?

With the foundation for your personal Integrated Lighting System now established, you can add on whatever ILS-compatible fixtures you like. The fixtures that are currently ILS-compatible include:

Chauvet DJ Scorpion Dual RGB ILS Effect Laser (Left), Chauvet DJ SlimBANK Q18 ILS LED Wash Panel Fixture (Middle), and Chauvet DJ SlimPAR H6 ILS Low-Profile LED Par (Right)

How many ILS-compatible fixtures can I use?

As many as you want! There is no limit to the number of ILS-compatible fixtures paired with one GigBAR MOVE + ILS. Just make sure you have a D-Fi USB transceiver or DMX cables for each ILS-compatible fixture.

How does ILS work?

With ILS, it’s now fast and easy to create advanced coordinated light shows across different fixture types, wired or wirelessly, and without needing DMX programming. Not only is the control method simple, but no programming of any kind is needed since ILS uses automated programs and presets.

Chauvet DJ Swarm 5 FX ILS Multi-Effect Fixture (Left), Chauvet DJ Swarm Wash FX ILS Multi-Effect Fixture (Right)

There are four different ILS modes to communicate between the GigBAR Move + ILS and the ILS-compatible fixtures in use. These numbered modes let the controlled fixtures respond to the two different sides of the GigBAR Move + ILS. Some of the automated programs or presets split the effects into left and right variations so you can create more dynamic looks. In these presets you would display one effect on the left side of the room and another on the right side. Any ILS-compatible fixtures set to ILS mode 1 or 3 respond to actions on the left side of the GigBAR Move + ILS; modes 2 and 4 respond to the right side.

In addition to ILS modes 1-4 there is a Totem mode. Totem mode affects the pan rotation of moving head fixtures, limiting rotation to make sure the beams of the fixture stay in front of the light position (preventing it from rotating 360° and shining light behind the fixture). Totem mode is easily activated from the menu of the GigBAR Move + ILS, or the menu of an individual moving head. This is an incredibly helpful feature when using moving heads on the dance floor or toward the front of a stage.

Who should use ILS?

The beauty of ILS is anyone can use it, whether a beginner or an expert. Since it takes the complexity of DMX out of the equation, it’s a perfect system for anyone who isn’t familiar with DMX, or anyone seeking the advantages of DMX operation in a more streamlined setup. ILS is perfect for anyone who wants to easily create a powerful light show that is synchronized between different fixtures. Though ILS can be used by anyone, it is especially popular for DJs, bands, event planners, night-clubs, bars, and more.

How do I get started?

Once you’ve purchased the required components of an ILS setup, configuring them is seamless. Physical setup, even of the GigBAR Move + ILS is quick and easy. Worrying about complex programming is a problem of the past; ILS runs from automated programs and presets. If any questions do arise during the setup process, the videos below walk you through things such as menu navigation and more.

You’re ready to energize any space with the Chauvet DJ ILS family of fixtures. For any questions, reach out to us at or give us a call at 1.800.203.5611 – we’re always happy to help!

Kylie Bowman – Web Content Specialist, SoundPro

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